Baby Acorn



“I could never do that.”

” I could never give up a baby.”

These are the most common remarks I hear when I am asked about my pregnancy.

Let me start with this:

Surrogacy is not a path meant to be walked by everyone. There is a reason why there is such a need for surrogates. There is just not enough people willing to carry a child for another person/couple. Which is a shame. There are so many deserving families out there, just waiting to feel complete.

I chose to do this. This was the right path for me.

I also never gave up a baby. The embryo that was placed inside me, was never genetically mine. It was carefully created with an egg donor and one of the IPs ( intended parents) I was just the house that the embryo stayed in for 9 months. I was this little embryos home while she grew strong enough to be ready to meet her parents. I gave her back to her parents. I never gave her up.

So now that we got that out of the way…

WELCOME! *waves*

I wanted to start my adventure with blogging, with my last journey.

My recent journey was also my first journey. What an amazing experience. From the moment i signed up with CFC, to saying good-bye to my little surro family. It went by just as fast as it started.

I feel lucky. I had IPs who I connected with, the second we were introduced.  we talked everyday. We video chatted weekly, we talked about everything and anything. It was like dating at first… getting to know a couple. Finding common ground.

I even Traveled To Ireland to spend 10 days with them when i was 4 months pregnant! They were my personal tour guides! I was spoiled. They hooked us up with a night in a castle. I know….. AMAZING!

I grew to love them quickly. My family grew to love them.

Funny weekly bump photos became a fun way to capture what I was going through.

Keeping them as much a part of this pregnancy was my goal. Ultra sounds, photos… if i was going through it, they knew about it.

It quickly came time for them to arrive in Canada. 1 week before our little Baby Acorn was due.

To make a long story short. We planed for a water birth. My cervix was not up for cooperating. We ended 36 hours later in a C-Section. FUN TIMES.

The mission was to get her earth side safely. We did. Mission accomplished. *High fives all around*

She was PERFECT. So perfect… she got to go home less than 3 hours after birth. She was a rock start to say the least.

But let’s be real… she got that from me. CLEARLY. What? I have to take credit for something!!

The new family adjusted fast to their new life. I was spoiled. I seen them almost every single day they were here. Our families even spend Christmas Eve together and woke up to Santa Christmas morning! They had a baptism for her while they were in Canada. They made myself and my husband her God-Parents. She even carries my first name .. as her middle name. ( tears… i know. )

I helped create a family. a very deserving family. I also managed to gain a new family in this process. I have family in Ireland. Forever. And just because they are now safe at home, starting their new life & chapter does not mean I have been left here to wonder how they are all doing. I have received daily conversation and video calls. I don’t suspect that will slow down anytime soon. I am also planning to visit them by summers end. I need to hug that little girl, and her daddies. I also told my husband I would let him come on this trip this time… hahaha you know, since he is the God-Father and all. ( yes. That title went to his head. Of course it did. ” The God Father” )

Well, now that you got the ‘coles notes’ version of my first surrogate journey .. maybe you want to join along on my journey #2? Yes? FANTASTIC. I knew you would.  Maybe this whole surrogacy thing will be contagious.. and you too will want to be awesome, and help someone become parents! Its fun! “Everyone is doing it……” Peer pressure not working yet? damn it. I didn’t think so. But maybe if you keep following along… you will see for yourself just how amazing it can be. Maybe one day I will follow your surrogacy journey and cheer you on along the way.

Here we go……..

Some links you might be interested in checking out while you await the next post:

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