Intro to Journey #2

December 22nd. 2017.

Nadine from CFC sends the intro e-mail.

If you have never gone on a surrogate journey, an intro e-mail is after you have each read a profile, or each others ‘stats’ so to speak, and you both agree to take the next step to start communication. This is when you get  the introduction e-mail sent from CFC, to both parties. LET THE CHATTING BEGIN! 

Since my new potential IPS are all the way in Australia. I know … how cool is that?! There is a very big time difference. A total of 13 hours! So really, they are the future. I am the past. Ha

So, I thought I had lots of time to send that first e-mail, and allow them to wake up to my e-mail. I was wrong. They actually beat me to it. One of them woke to the intro e-mail, was so excited… he could not sleep. ( I know .. how cute. )

Intro e-mails are the start to surrogate dating! Seriously, you get to know someone, or a couple just like you would date.

“What do you do for a living?”

“What hobbies do you have?”

“What are your favorite foods?”

“How do you feel about termination?”

Oh… You don’t ask those when you’re dating in the first week?… right… AWKWARD.….. *insert silence* Well with surrogate dating, even though it’s all fun and the excitement is high, the hard conversations need to come fast. You need to make sure, before you both agree to walk this very special journey together, that you truly match. That means the hard conversations need to come. They are never easy, the time is never right.. it just needs to happen.

So while I wait for a few answers on some very touchy important subjects, I will leave you with this:



Yea. Those are some Aussie words I have come accustom to already.

I wonder what words I will pick up and what words they will pick up from me…..


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