The Scar

It took me over a week to look.

When I did, it resulted in tears.

“How did this happen? ” I am 36 years old. I just birthed a beautiful baby girl. I made it the whole pregnancy with out a mark on my body. Yet I left the hospital with a C- Section scar.

A scar. Forever.

This broke me.

I should have never looked so early on. I was still swollen! Of course it looked way worse than it was!

A friend came over. She asked to see it. I gave in.

” OMG! It’s a Beautiful scar!” 

I looked at her like she had 3 heads and laughed.

It was in that moment… I did not realize just how much I needed to show it to someone. Someone who has HAD a C-Section. To tell me it was ok, That it will change, and it does change with time.

Now I look at it, 4 weeks PP and I don’t cry.

It’s this line… like someone drew on me, and made a happy face.

That happy face was the exit for a life. A beautiful amazing life.

I look forward to watching this little scar grow with me, And when I am done having babies and making families for everyone else… I might even get it tattooed. honor that little scar that has so much meaning. Why not?

SO here it is. My scar.


Maybe this will help someone else who just had one for the first time. To know that, those tears, and hate that once came from peeking for the first time… goes away.  Amazement comes into play … the meaning behind that little scar shines through.

I now see my scar in a new light.

Charlotte, if you reading this. Thank-You.

3wks pp

3 weeks PP selfie!

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