I started pumping colostrum before Baby Acron arrived. ( If you are new to my blog, Baby Acron was a nick name my first surro babe got) The Daddies allowed me to breast feed her, her first meal in hospital after birth. From there, I supplied them with my liquid gold via frozen syringes till my milk came in. When that happened, I pumped every 3 hours, froze it. Then when I seen them the next day, we would do a hand over. Baby for milk. HAHAH just kidding. Kinda….

Soon it came time to say my goodbyes. Lets not get into the gory details. It was heart wrenching. I mean… 3 weeks with them… Every. Single. Day. I was not sad she was leaving. I was sad THEY were leaving. It was like saying goodbye to family. You know you will see them again, but it still sucks. Just as a FYI. The second they got off the plane, I was contacted. Every day I get photos. We have even video chatted less than a week of them being home. I feel loved.

So they were able to take some of my amazing-tasty-yummy-good for her milk home. So they could mix formula with my goodness. But when they left.. that left me with boobs that still needed emptying. *ouch* 

If you have ever EXCLUSIVELY pumped. Then I don’t need to tell you how much it kills. My nipples. OH. My. Nipples. I think the pump is stronger than any babies mouth sucking abilities. EEP! 

The first pump session after baby Acorn left… and I dumped it down the drain, I had this … WHAT HAVE I DONE moment. I felt like I just wasted this super meal by dumping it down the drain. This did not sit well with me.

So, there is this amazing FB group. Where parents can search out milk donations. OR.. you can offer up your own goodness.

Well…. I knew I wanted to cut my supply. And cut it FAST. ( hello cabbage! ) But also did not want to see this milky goodness go to waste! If I can help a baby in any way, for any amount of time… I might as well right?!

So I found a momma, who sadly has a little person who was born with a congenital heart defect. Due to the intense stress this would cause … on anyone … her own supply diminished.  I offered her up what I am able to. It wont be much. But its something!

So I am happy to report, That with each pump my stash is going down. But the stash I do have, is safely frozen for drop off  in a little over a weeks time.  I have managed 14 bags. Not much… but Ok for a supply that is almost gone.



I hope this momma knows how honored I am to help her little human out. To help her out. For her to trust me.

If this momma ever reads this… Know I am thinking of you. Sending you all the love in the world. And I hope my little bit of milk, helps in the smallest of ways. ❤ 

When things come  full circle. They can be amazing.

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  1. sammief28 · January 6, 2018

    This is fantastic!! I have bith donated and rceived milk through HM4HB. As a mama who has needed milk, I can tell you, that mama appreciates it more than you will ever know. You are extraordinary my dear ❤


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