Bob’s gotta go

So I joined a 100 day weight loss FB group. Started with some Surro-Sisters.

I am still 2 weeks off from being cleared to DO anything. Ie .. work or work out.

So I joined. I mean.. who can’t use a good cheer on while you’re hating life drinking that 7th glass of water of the day and staring down a big ‘delish’ piece of cake that your kid is ramming in their mouth?!

So here I am. Day 1. Morning shake. My small glass of OJ to wash down my iron pill. ( ugh), a yummy side of gummy B12 pill and my water is chilling in the fridge.


I actually don’t mind the shakes in the morning. They are filling. My dogs on the other hand hate the sound of the blender and think they are being attacked when it’s on… but you know, … life goes on.

Now with day one comes the dreadful photo taking. You know, so you can photo doc yourself. Do the comparison after so many days, weeks, months.

I noticed something.  What IS THAT on my back?…



I have a back wrinkle.

WTF. a Back wrinkle?! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?! 

Clearly the right thing to do is name it.

Bob. ( sorry Bob’s… )

Bob has GOT to go people!


Me and Bob. We are not besties. Neither is my C-section scar yet but we will get there.

So, now that you have met Bob. Don’t get too used to him. You too will have to say your good-byes eventually. ( I hope)

I will keep you posted on Bob’s and my own progress. I need to get back in shape for journey #2. My best self needs to be ready. Mind, body & soul.

#LetsDoThis #ByeByeBob 


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