Getting my craft on

I have this need to craft. It’s the same as someone needing coffee in their life. I NEED craft time. So clearly I had to craft my way through my first journey. 

” Courtney, when will you stop talking about the first journey & get on with the new one?!” 

Never. Well, I mean I am BEYOND excited for journey #2. But journey #1 holds a very special place in my heart.  As long as that little family is in my life, they will never leave my story. 

I crafted my entire journey. For Christmas, I made that sweet baby her journey book. From the moment her Daddies & I first connected via e-mail, right up to our last days together in Canada. There is room that is left blank, for them to fill in along the way. ( Like when I travel to hug them all soon) 

I also asked to take my placenta home from the hospital. My poor husband. There it sat. In a bag. In the fridge. Every time he opened the fridge.. BOOM, PLACENTA. Gross, I know. HA  That placenta eventually turned into my very first placenta printing project. 

It’s actually NOT as gross as one would think. You give it a little wash, pat it dry, dab some colour on it, slap it with some paper.. TADA. OK it did not go down exactly like that, but pretty close.


Now at about 30-35 weeks I finally set time out to cast my belly. The husband had to help. It was messy. Plaster is all over my kitchen. I still find little spots! That poor kitchen has paint stains, plaster spots, vinyl stuck to the floor. My house is new. OOPS.

But now, that 5 weeks have passed. I figured I should pull it out of the closet, and add the final touches. It was my morning plans.

Ah… I am kinda impressed with how it turned out! A little back story to explain the why’s to this bowl.


*She is Irish ( hello green!) * Her name has mermaid connections * And Great oaks from little acorns grow. A saying in Ireland, and Acorn became our universal mascot for this whole pregnancy. We were the 3 little Acorns. She would be the Great Oak.

I need to find the right stand so it holds the bowl up. The Troblerone bar can’t stay. HA

I still have to put my journey book together. Mimic the one I sent them home with. But now, she will have her whole story to look back at. Conversations, photos, time I spend with her parents. Not a piece is missing. Well.. that’s not true..

a piece of my heart is. She has it. 

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