I feel you should really get to know me….

Throw Back Thursday! Wait,… that’s acceptable for blogging right?!

Oh well!

In my first journey, I enjoyed making a fool out of myself. I wanted to keep the soon to be Daddies entertained. I did not want to give them another bump photo, in my uncleaned mirror, with toothpaste and hair products on my counter. Nope. I wanted to start making them fun. So I did. I started documenting how I was feeling that week. If you read blog post 1… you would have seen a few. ( If you have not… go on… what are you waiting for? go look!)


But in true Courtney fashion, and pushing the boundaries of making a fool out of myself, at OMG-STAGE-O-PREGGO… I present to you… my HAWT dancing moves.


Now that you have seen this. You can’t UN-SEE it. MUHUAHUAH. You are welcome.

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