Sometimes things don’t work out

Sometimes, things just do not go the way you want them to.

Sometimes, when you start talking to new potential IPs its exciting. Like i said in the past, it’s almost like dating! And with dating, you can’t click with them all. The same happens in the surrogacy world. You want to “MATCH” with a couple. The same views, personality, you just want to get that good vibe goin’! Against all odds, even with that awesome vibe,.. it just does not happen.

Sadly the couple I was speaking with, needed to go a different direction. That happens. That’s OK! I wish them the best. I hope they get matches fast and fall in love with their surrogate, and the surro falls in love with them.

But that leaves me matchless….. dun dun dun dunnnnnn…… 

The crazy thing about surrogacy and being a surrogate. There is never a shortage of amazing people WAITING to get an intro email.  Like I said in the past, there is such a shortage of surrogates … there is not enough of us to go around for all these amazing people who are just waiting for  us to walk into their world and change it forever. ( See.. all the more reason for you to reach out and get your own journey started! Then tell me about it! I love happy endings! )

So of course I get a new intro email. WEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!

I will keep you all in suspense… for now . But hopefully in the days coming, I will have exciting news. Fingers crossed folks… May the luck of the Irish be on my side *WINK*


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