Google Translate

So I posted on my FB group…. ah.. excuse you? You are not ON THE group? You have not become a groupie?! well… go on… here ya go….

anyways.. so i posted on my FB group yesterday about exciting news. BUT… I also asked a favour for my already awesome followers, stalkers ( you know I love you!) and friends to Share my blog or fb group with on their wall. And some did. YEAH!

SO you know This whole blog is about Journey #2. It had a rough start.. but matching is a serious business. You wanna get it right. You don’t wanna settle. You wanna click. You wanna feel a connection ( well, I should speak for myself.. i NEED to feel a connection) I need that ” LETS MAKE A BABY” feeling with the couple i am chatting with.

Well I have been talking it up with some awesome new humans. They speak french.

” Ooo la la “ you say? Yeah. I know. That’s about as much french as I speak too. HA

DISCLAIMER: Please note that my level of french goes as far as a grade 3 students. We are talking, I can count to 10, name colours, ask how you are, tell you my name and ask if you wanna sleep with me …. wait….. that’s thanks to a song. ( damn it, now its stuck in my head) SO if you speak French. AWESOME. you are cooler than me. Smarter than me. But if you see something that i CLEARLY google translated ( shout out to my peeps at google translate.. you ROCK my WORLD) then just quietly skim by and know I likely am just trying to be nice, communicate in the smallest way to these guys… like they do in english every day to me. My goal is to just have basic conversation. They are tickled pink that I am even fitting time into my life to remotely attempt to learn french at all.

So, Im chatting. we Skyped. I am blown away by their english skills. Well one.. the other one is like me. So we both google translate and use the other one as our translator. lol

So. If you know me. My first journey I needed to make everything special. I made this journey book.. and it would be nice to do something similar for the next journey. A keepsake. Whats a keepsake with out cute, funny photos?! My thoughts exactly.

So… I popped the question.


That AWESOME shirt is from CFC. ( shout out to the best surrogacy agency around! )

Well… that’s where I will leave you for now. MUHAUHAUHAUAH . I need to make sure you will wanna come back and find out what happened!

till next time…

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share the crap outta my stuff and i will love ya’ long time!

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