This gal is MATCHED!

On the weekend, I sent my potential IPs a little photo, asking them if I could be their “stork”.( check previous post for details)

Of course they said that things were going well, and amazingly fast. They would have an answer for me soon.

What. I have to wait?! What do they need to ponder?


*runs to practice 3 sections on dulingo on my cell.*

Awesome…now I can tell them I am eating an egg. Thanks dulingo.

Literally. Yah me!

So we chat everyday, Skype and still no real confirmation. I ask the ladies at CFC …but no one is getting back to me. I have a sneaky suspision they know something. Maybe they don’t …but you know… my mind goes there.

Then. Last night ….. I get a text


can we just take a moment an appreciate the language barrier and the odd misplaced words that happen? Cause it’s cute. And they made it special. Which I appreciate SO much.

But they noticed the small error. It was driving one of them crazy. Sooooo

So there you have it. I am officially matched.

What’s next?

That’s for another post, but for the time being….let’s enjoy this moment a little longer. It’s exciting!

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