Life style changes

Tomorrow I start a 8 week program.

Today I mentally prepare to change the way I consume food and treat my body.

It’s officially been 2 months tomorrow since I gave birth by C-Section.

Sure I have cut out 90% of crap I have been eating for the last few weeks, and slowly introduced 10 minute work outs 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks. BUT tomorrow I go full force.

It will suck. 

I will bitch. 

But the results. Oh how sweet they will be.

I seen an ad of FB It caught my attention. This lady, who looks … well I have an every day mom crush on her. She has had 6 children of her own. She loves her body like no one i have never seen. And she is HOT. I could look like that too if i really put my mind to it. So i dug a little deeper. Watched her videos. Looked at real life people every day doing it. Their results were just as amazing. A full online community of people supporting each other. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

So I joined. I am going to do this for me.

So hubby and I went meal prepping. Which is not much. Since not a single thing went in our cart that was processed excluding Apple Cider Vinegar. My fridge looks … so yummy. It’s so bright with deep green veg and bright colours of all natural foods.

But my tea intake and sugar intake is gone bye-bye. I might hurt someone the first few days. All the more reason to do this at the beginning of the week when I have not littles in my care. HAHA .. no .. seriously.

I am gonna sugar crash so hard. 

So the amazing couple who put this program together is hubby and wife. Sharny & Julius. You can search them on Fb. Check it out yourself.

If you wanna have a little inspiration, take a peek at her photos. And how much she loves her body. 6 babies puts a toll on a body. She celebrates every inch. She is real in her videos. She just seems like the kind of person I would want cheering me on. lol

And get this. She has a pregnant program too. Yea that’s right.. I plan on tackling that when i get preggers next. I wanna be fit AND preggo.  Yea I know .. crazy.. those 2 things can go hand in hand! MIND BLOWN. …yea.. me too.


OOOO and she not only has a fitMom program. She has a FitDad program. That’s right… My hubby is joining me. Now … we live in Canada. And its kinda gross, cold and snowy outside. So I will personally be modifying some of the work outs. Aint no way in hell I am  doing hill sprints in winter. Hard Nope.  So I will jump on my fit board  , do some stairs… I will modify my cardio till spring time. lol I’m a baby to the cold. I was born in the wrong country. Clearly.


SO The goal is … to be the best version of myself going into this next surrogacy journey. Healthy mind, healthy soul and healthy body. It’s what I did last time.

Give the little em-baby (embryo)  the best version of me to settle into for 9 months.  Fingers crossed. Now I have till spring till a transfer can happen. I want my body to heal first. So I have lots of time. But let’s be real… summer is coming and this year I wont be pregnant. My goal will be bikini ready.

So cheer me on.

Watch me succeed … or fall on my face. Both will be great. lol

Tomorrow I will give you an update of what my green drink looks like. My starting body weight and measurements. So you can all hold me accountable.

But tonight. I am giving into pizza, maybe a glass of wine and a snack.

I have lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks since watching my food intake and slowly working out. I might gain it all back in one night.

Till tomorrow,…

I will be on my couch. 🙂


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