Week1 day1

It’s 8am.

I have ate 2 hard boiled eggs

Drank a glass of water

Had half a gross-green-drink.

Oh and started with a tbs of Apple cider vinegar. . . So weird.

I am starting this week off at 129.7 lbs

My pre baby weight was 117 lbs.

Sure 129.7 does not sound like much.

But it’s all on where my weight is storing. You know…my belly, back & ass.

….I dunno about You, but every time I get pregnent….my ass goes flat. What is up with that?!

So I had my hubby do those dreaded before photos last night.


Ffs. Back fat Bob has a friend.

He has been hiding.


what a jerk.

I will name him Earl.

…..You know where this is going right ?

🎵Earl had to die, goodbye Earl
We need a break, let’s go out to the lake, Earl
We’ll pack a lunch, and stuff you in the trunk, Earl
Is that alright? Good! Let’s go for a ride, Earl, hey!🎵

Geesh. Maybe next time I could look a little more thrilled? My hair . It’s just a mess. I’ll try harder for my 1 week progression photos. Promise. 🤣

Ugh. That was hard for me to post.

I’m ready to have my lack of belly back.

I have never had a Earl & Bob before!

Well….I hope this 8 week program kicks my butt….and my inches.

Here’s to day 1.

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