week 1 is the LONGEST

Day 3.

Day 3 of 8 weeks.

My son is home sick today. WE have managed to make it  through over half of the winter season with no illness. Till now. And of course he can’t be sick on my days off.. no no that would make life easier.. he chooses days i work. So when i close, i lose pay. YA SELF EMPLOYED! ugh. So i will take the opportunity to give a little update.

Last night my schedule for work out was :


  • 200m run
  • 10 toes to overheads
  • 10 supermans. 



Now I live where its winter. Its snowing. Like hell i am going outside to run. NOPE.

So I had to sub for skipping rope, hand to knee lifts and jogging in a spot. I had to make due.

Today I understand why people complain about leg day. And i did not even DO leg day.


Meals have not been that much of a struggle. I just have to get creative. So today i am making lentil soup.

I start my days with 2 hard-boiled eggs. ( my weekends might be a omelet instead) Drink water like its my job throughout the whole day. Then lunch is usually a salad with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top with lemon juice to taste. And dinner is anything from steamed veggies, zucchini noodle pasta, to soups.


I am gonna try my luck on cauliflower bread for a breakfast idea. Maybe a cauliflower rice dinner one night.

I have not snaked at all in-between meals. When i am hungry i angrily drink 24 oz of water. lol

I stepped on the scale just for shits and giggles. I am down 1.4lbs. WOOT! 

Tonight I have to do 50 burpees or 100 squat jumps or 300 squats. Geeeeeee what awesome options! KILL ME NOW!!!! I have to time my burpees if i choose them. The goal to this whole thing is to also get me running.

I am eating to fuel my body.

But let me be real for a minute.

You know.. cause we are close like that ….

… I can’t poop. There. I said it. I. CANT. POOP.  You would think with all this detox to my body, things would be going out as quick as it goes in! Nope. HARD NOPE. my insides are holding on to my intake like they will never eat again. FFS. I even gave into a coffee this morning. Still nadda. I am sure once my body gives in and accepts defeat. Waves it little white flag. I will lose a instant 5lbs. Not to worry, when you see my big weight loss post, know.. Poop day arrived. HA

Now that we got the awkward part of 8 week program out-of-the-way… I am sure you are all wondering about the Surrogacy journey?

you nosey little buggers. 

Well, things are kinda at a stand still. I have to wait 6 months to be medically cleared. ( 2 months down and counting) Thou my IPS ( intended parents) are already starting that process for themselves.

We talk almost daily. I am trying very hard to learn french. Why does it have to be so hard to learn a second language?! I find pronouns confusing. I am also super lame, and had to ask how one of them pronounces their name. Seriously. French ppl can have fancy names. And when us Canadians say it.. well.. it just does not sound the same. We have to fake this .. fake accent… and it’s just .. bad. seriously.. one like .. broke it down for me. Even included a food icon in his break down. HA

i do look forward to having them meet my hubby over Skype for our next chat. He is the kinda person who takes on someones accent when he talks to them. HAHAH

But good news, I can tell someone i am eating an egg, or that i need an umbrella in french. HAHAHA #WINNING

They like to show me photos of their lovely weather, while i send them photos of white stuff on the ground. That never ends. OMG WILL WINTER EVER END?!

Well.. Thats about it for a little wednesday update. Monday should be a bigger update. I hope to have seen a change in my inches and weight. Fingers crossed everyone i am not driving myself crazy for nothing!








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