1 week check in

I am officially on week 2 of my 8 week program.

It was a good week, but a long one.

1 day of sugar crashing. Not bad.

Happy to report….everyone in my house is still alive! #Winning

Now I am happy to report there is some changes.

Not massive OMG changes. I mean….It’s been 1 week. But changes still.

Hopefully week 2 keeps the numbers dropping. Weird how my belly changes.

So some positive changes. This just means I need to push my work outs a little harder this week and really try to up my cardio. … but it’s cold and snow-covered outside. I want nothing to do with outside running!! ❄

So fingers crossed that week 2 is just as positive! I will get my thin body back.. some day. Bikini weather is my motivation. And my jeans. HA  I will admit.. since the day of the leggin… I have kissed jeans goodbye. Leggings are so.. go with everything. I live in them. I love them. They love me to… I think.  Who does not love a good leggin’?

#Journey2 #HealthyMind #HealthyBody #HealthySoul

Prepping body for surro baby 2! 🤞

Now in April I will be heading out for a retreat hosted by CFC!

It’s a yearly event. Last year I went & was 4 weeks pregnant. A newbie. Knew 3 people tops. I am hoping I am a little more involved this year instead of creepy people watching. Feeling everybody out. Sometimes I worry not everyone will grasp my sense of humor and just make an awkward silence moment…….

So if your reading This, and are going to the same one I am…. just come up to me and start talking.

I won’t bite. 😉

And for you readers…I will share my retreat experience with you after I get home.

Journey update :

I got nothing. Sorry. But fun fact : My new IP’s read my blog!

BUT. .. my little surro family from journey 1 & are getting together this summer and we are going to Paris for 2 days!! I have never been. I am beyond exited.

Have you ever been?

What was your must see’s and do’s?

What was your most memorable moment? Tell me everything!

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