I now fall onto the toilet

I have made it to week 3 of the 8 week program.

Little cheating had.  Seriously.. I may have coffee in the mornings. I can not do herbal tea when I first wake. NOPE! 

I have been crushing out my workouts. The other day damn near killed me. Though, with all this lovely rain and + temps that has arrived, I hope it sticks. I am ready to get my new bike out and go for some strolls on it. Eventually work my self up to running.  Running is my hurdle. I used to be a cross-country runner. Long and short distance. All through school. Then …. I just stopped. Running was my way of checking out. My calm. Now its my nightmare. HA

Now lets update you on my process! I am slowly seeing results. Though I have learned in these 3 weeks that, loosing baby weight after a C-section… not so easy. My belly changes form. That’s weird!

So this is day 1 week 1. and Day 1  week 3.  GUUUUUYYYYYYYS!!!!! Bob AND Earl are leaving!

But do you see what I am talking about, … my belly. Its dropping. Why is it dropping?! I mean, I am loosing inches .. which is fantastic… but it just looks weird and loose. I don’t like it. Make it go away!

But the fact that I can SEE change in such a short time, makes me happy. Makes me want to push on through. I mean… 3rd week already. I got this.

I read somewhere that it takes about 6 months to get your body “back” after a baby.  I am sure they mean if you attempt any form of healthy eating, working out and maintenance. Cause I am 2+ months after baby already. I can fit into my awesome black leggings. I have not even touched my jeans. I will cry. Even some of my shirts. I look .. frumpy in.

Anyways, lets move onto the awesome things I am eating!


So. this is just a few things I make daily. The lentil soup is by far, one of my fav’s! My kid eats it too. So that’s a win win.  I have found a new love for riced cauliflower. OMG. If you have never made it, you should. and fry it. Life changing.

Then I just made “bread” last night. Tahini bread. It has, like 5 ingredients. It is different, don’t get me wrong. But if you are missing that “bread” in your life, this kinda does the trick. I can have it for breakfast or lunch. I can make a sandwich out of it or I can eat a piece with 1 egg. ( it has the egg in it, so it takes away from my egg allowance every days)

But. I mean … I made something that looks like bread. I was impressed.



Last night I had to do 5 rounds of : 20 lunges. 10 burpees and 50 m runs.  At about burpee number 3. I hurt my back. I have the most fragile back. sciatica and a disc injury. So I changed it up to toe lifts. ( crunches by holding onto something and lifting your toes over your head. )

Tonight I have to do 300 skips or step ups.  100 hand release push ups. 100 squats. 100 leg raises and … another 300 skips or step ups. I should start now. I might finish by nights end.

I tried to wash my hair the other night. That was a joke.

I tried to sit on the toilet. HAHAHAHAAHHA. I now fall onto the toilet. Its my new regular.  Walking, first thing in the morning is questionable.


Have you experienced a C-section?

How long did it take you go get your belly back?

Did you find it to be a longer process than a vaginal birth?

Find me on my FB page and let me know Just The Stork

See you all in about a week! Or unless I have exciting Surrogacy info for journey #2. I will update.



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