Mom crush

Have you ever had a crush?…well I mean of course we have all had a crush at one point in time. But I’m talking about a mom crush.

Like you meet this person, and she’s all kinds of awesome-sauce. You admire her. She’s beautiful. Funny. Smart. Maybe she has her shit together. Maybe she lives a disorganized life but has this love for life you wish you could obtain. Maybe she is just this carefree woman or the lady boss of her own kingdom. Whom ever she is….you have a mom crush on her.

I have a few of these in my life.

I have a teacher crush. Not the hot bio teacher kind; the kind that is all kinds of right for your kid. The kind that just has what it takes to understand your little human. I have a teacher crush on my kids teacher. She is everything that is right In The world of teachers. I mean ….she seems to want to try as hard as I do to want to help him acheive every goal. She sees his worth. His love for people. How quick he is to help a friend in need. But he has a fuse …you don’t wanna set off. And he has set it a blaze more times than I’d like to admit with her. Yet there she is. Telling me how awesome my kid is.

Mom crushing. Hard.

Recently I seen a FB post about a book.

This amazing talented woman I had the pleasure of spending time with for a short amount of time ( she was my photographer for surro babe) posted about a book she read.

So I went to this author’s fb. Then IG. Then before I knew it. BAM. Mom crush.

This woman is funny. Talented. Writes. Blogs. Has kids. Is real. Videos with coffee in hand at 5 am, To dressing for the Oscars. She does not have everything together. But she sure as hell has a handle on it.

I bought the book.

Half way done the first day. Legit. If I could find a damn highlighter …the book would be yellow.

She is like the best friend telling you how it is. She gets it. Your struggle…she’s seen it. Lived it. Made it her bitch. Seriously…She kicked it’s ass.

I wanna kick it’s ass too. You read this book and you are ready to take on the WORLD.

Anyways …this has zero to do with surrogacy but everything to do with life. And the mess it can become and how it swallows us up whole some days. Or weeks. Hell…even years.

This book shakes you out of your funk.

So I’m over here. Mom crushing on a author.

And I feel like you should too.

So if you wanna read a book by a mom who just …gets it. The mom who has been through that 100th diet and failed. The mom who judged, lost, struggled, felt like a bad Mom and came out on top. Did it in a way you’re not wanting to punch her in the face …. Then go buy ‘girl, wash your face‘. By Rachel hollis.

Go ahead.

I dare you not to develop a mom crush on her. It’s impossible.

After surro babe went home. I sat there. On my couch.

” now what?”

“Who am I now that I’m not a surrogate?”

” what’s my purpose now ?”

I.was. lost.

And I was able to pull myself out of this funk pretty quick but I still felt a little lost.

Sure, I am about to embark on what I know will be another amazing journey. But ….at the end of the day ; what am I doing for my self?

* Insert perfectly timed new book. *

I have decided to really kick this weights ass.

I have decided to invest in my future. Mine. Just mine. To let my dream eventually become a reality. I bought a lens for my camera. I want to be a photographer. It’s my passion. And I’m not talking hobbiest. I’m talking full time career. For years I have settled for amature hobbiest.

So I bought a lens for my camera. And have a goal to own a dream camera by December.

With making someone else’s dreams a reality, I too need to remember I have my own. They too can happen at the same time. I too can focus just as much on them. Because my goals and wishes for my self do not expire.

So; here I go.

Wish me luck.

And again; go buy that book. Then tell me how much you love it.

Oh, and share my blog. Because that would be lovely. ♥️

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