My week in review

So my handsome Ip’s are back from their little trip. They are officially cleared from their medical ( YAH! ) and we are all now waiting for the egg donor to do her thing, then,…. dun dun dun… it will be my turn!

But that does not mean nothing is happening! I was introduced to my lawyer yesterday! SO that means contracts will be drawn up soon! Weeeeeee! 

I am less than 3 months out from my 6 month mark since baby was born! Which means I am less than 3 months out from being allowed to be medically cleared! Hopefully This can happen sooner than later once i hit that mark 🙂

Now while we are waiting around, I have been busting my butt ( literally… it grew .5 inch)  to get my body back after Baby Acorn was born in December.

I am officially on week 7 of my 8 week program.  I am far from where I want to be. But its a good start. I will potentially jump on to a little more relaxed version of it after so I can finish toning and tightening my body. Hopefully by summer I will be rocking the body I feel healthy and amazing in. #goals

So this is where I am currently at right now.  It’s nice to physically SEE results. It gives a little more motivation. And I have also learned that the scale does not always tell you everything. I have only lost 8.8 lbs. But the inches are falling off. Now if only I can get my belly to tighten up a little faster… yeash.

I also tried roasted Cabbage the other night. I have been holding off on it. I mean, sure … it looks AH-MAZING in photos. But what does it taste like?!


It tastes just as delish as it looks. I add garlic, and salt and nutritional yeast. and this is actually a CHEAT MEAL. I am not allowed my faux meat on this plan. but … im on week 7. 3 little pieces wont kill me. And If I am gonna cheat on a meal… I think i could have done WAY worst.

BUT.. if I am gonna be 100% honest. I totally cheated last week. But in my defence, I was at the Justin Timberlake concert.( I know right?!?!?! )  I ate half a small box of fries and half a pretzel. ( which is maybe where that 1 lb add-on from last week came from?! DAMN YOU DELISH JUNK FOOD!!!!)

oh, you wanna see photos? fine. If you must.


It was amazing btw. Like, I went to see JT. I never thought I would. Now sure, I wish I was down with the bar in the middle of the concert, but I learned that was …wait for it…$1000 to be a part of. PFT. Nope. I’ll spend that on a trip thanks. Not saying JT is not worth it, but … let’s be real… I am gonna need to know that I AT LEAST get to grab a leg or get a selfie with the man. Make it worth it. … $1000. ffs.

But let me tell you about the week leading up to JT. It was .. well I was nothing shy of a hot mess. Bless my husband for taking me shopping Friday night. But lets talk about the clothing options out right now. Have you been shopping recently?!

Don’t. Unless you are 19. size 0. and weight 100 lbs. Just don’t do it. It will DESTROY you.

seriously. I actually walked into a store, had this dazed look on my face to the point the ( whom I can only imagine was the manager) walk up and go ” is there anything you are looking  for?” 

me. : “something that is not straight out of an 80s work out video or a crop top?” 

manager lady who is a size 0.  ” yeah.. hahaha… that is ALL we have right now”

me. : ” so what is someone who is not 19, whom just birthed a baby and will not be caught dead in body suits and crop tops to wear? “

manager lady who is rocking the perfect body ” ummm we might have some full shirts in clearance ” 

awkward silence.

me: ” ok then. Thanks for the help.”


crop top sweaters.

body suits.

crop top everything.

Insert defeat. I feel old. Like I have a little blob around my belly. And i still can’t fit into my jeans at home. What the fuck am I gonna wear to Justin Timberlake? I mean ,  I could bump into him! I need to be ready! .. I am not ready.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Thank goodness for friends who just .. show up. My friend Charlotte, whom I do not see half as much as I would like due to life being silly busy.  We have known each other since .. omg… our early 20s . So she shows up, picks me up. And takes me shopping.

I bought clothing. BUT.. not till after we experienced a wardrobe malfunction to the MASSES~!

I saw this cute shirt. So we grab a small. I dunno whats going on but I cant get it over my head. I think the mid section is not elastic, so i cant fit it over my shoulders. So we get a Medium. No big deal right? WRONG. same problem. Maybe i’ll try stepping into it? NOPE. now my ass is stuck. Try again from the top, I clearly must me missing something.

Now to set the visual tone. The change rooms are closed. So I am doing this, in the middle of the store for all to see.

After I fight with it. I get stuck. What is a good friend to do?

Take a photo.

After I get out it. I realize WHY I cant fit into it.

everyone. it was not a shirt. It was a damn onsie outfit with shorts. THE CROTCH WAS STOPPING MY BODY FROM GETTING INTO IT. FFS. 

I felt stupid.


This is as far as it would get. Unreal. Glad we got an awesome laugh . Also kinda glad the photo was not taken mid struggle. Yeash.

So fast forward to concert day. I just felt like everything was clinging to my body. Showing my belly. I felt insecure. Unsexy, and just not myself.  A baby changes your body. Even if you are on the smaller side of life, things still change. your hips. your legs, your ass. your mid section, YOUR BOOBS.  No matter your size. A baby changes your shape.

SO I send photos to Charlotte.

And she does what every good friend does. Sends the perfect message. Makes me smile in my photos I sent her. And reminds me of the cold hard truth.


Sexy is not a shape. So I send her back my ” I’m bringing sexy back” selfie shoot.

And Charlotte.. I sang it loud. I danced. And I loved life.

So now that you are updated on my last week of life. Progress. And … well that’s all I got.

But I will leave you with this.

No matter if you had a baby a few months ago. A few years ago. Or you just lost your focus.  You are beautiful no matter what. Let people see your worth through your personality. Not from the shape of your body. Now don’t get me wrong, I know how good it feels to have the body you feel good in. And if that is something you want. GO AFTER IT! You CAN GET It. But do it for you. No one else. The people who love you the most will cheer you on. Support you. And love you no matter what.

But remember, You have to want it the most. Once you set your mind to it. You can get it.

Till next time…. 🙂


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  1. Alison Boudreau · March 20, 2018

    I LOVED this post Courtney!!!!!


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