To the mystery woman

When you get a middle of the day message that states:

“The clinic informs us the egg donor will start her treatment”

you get a little excited.

This means embryos will be in the making very soon! Fingers crossed they get TONS of eggs from the retrieval. Then lots of little embryos survive and then, one waits to make a little home inside me  for 9 months! EEEK!

Now that I have been through 1 surrogacy journey. And embarking on journey #2 I often wonder and think about the selfless women who donate eggs.

I personally feel they are the true super stars of this whole process.

Sure, I carry the baby, gain some weight, a little sleep deprived, eat a little too much of the good ol’ cravings… and end it with a slice to  the belly or a blown out va jay jay… no big deal. Shit eventually goes back to where it was meant to be. ( or not ….)

but those egg donors.

Lets take a moment to give a shout out to them!

They too have to go through a process. It’s not just a one day thing.

But they are giving a little piece of them. To create another human. A little bean they may never meet. never know exists. Its mind-blowing to me.

I could never do it. I would WANT TO MEET the child. It would eat away at me. So to those egg donors. Let me tell ya, I admire YOU.

I have to wonder, what if I was to ever meet her? What would she be like? She clearly has to be … AMAZING.

Not just anyone would be all ” hey , I have some extra eggs, take ’em”  

Is she young? Part of the cool kids club? Would she be a mom I would wanna hang out with?! Is the little bean who grows up ever get to meet her?! If they do, and im still in their life, man… I wanna see  that go down! What a magical moment! To meet the woman who helped make you exist. To allow her parents to be… PARENTS. Ugh. all the feels.

How amazing would it be to sit down for coffee with her. look at her and go ” we made a family. “ clink our cups and just know.. you are sharing a moment with an amazing human being.

This will never happen. But its fun to think how this imaginary meeting would go down.

So this one goes out to every egg donor out there.

You are thought of. Not by the parents you helped become parents. But by surrogates. We carry a little piece of you too. And we get to be a part of this little beans life ( if we are lucky and  have the most awesome sauce IPS. Which … I mean.. i do. HA)  But when we look at that little life, for a moment, you slip into our minds. Where ever you are. Know you are admired. By a stranger. Who knows you exist somewhere. And I wonder do you ever think about us?

Surrogacy. What an amazing thing. So many people come together to make the most loved, and desired children.

Its funny, when people find out I am a surrogate, And I get told i’m amazing, and selfless and giving. I get awkward. Because to me. I am not the super star to this story. I am only here for a short time. I just babysit that little bean for 9 months till she/he is ready to spend the rest of her life  getting to know her/his parents. But the egg donor made this life possible.

Life is a funny thing.

It’s also beautiful.


So egg donor. Where ever you are. I think of you. I wonder about you. I am curious about you. I hope you are well, happy and loved. I hope you know just how amazing you are. You are a dream maker. Part of a  ‘happy ever after’ to someones fairy tale.

You are admired.


One comment

  1. sammief28 · March 21, 2018

    Way to make me ugly cry! Its true though, I have often thought of the egg donors who helped create the beautiful babies I have carried.

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