Today is a big day. To save you some time first, I want you to go read this amazing article.

Babies for sale: Navigating the grey areas of assisted human reproduction By Christine Davis.

Go on. No point in finishing up what I have to say till you do.

I am gonna go reheat my coffee, sip it. wait for you no. No rush.

*insert game show music*


Ok, now that you are all caught up. Crazy eh?!

Here is something that just does not sit well in my mind.

‘ One in six Canadians will struggle with infertility.
That’s 15% of the population. This statistic doesn’t include those who cannot conceive due to medical reasons, sexual and gender orientation, relationship status and hereditary disease.

This means that every Canadian could need assistance in reproducing. And yet the Assisted Human Reproduction Act in Canada has hopeful parents facing up to ten years in prison and fines of $500,000.00 for even the slightest gift or payment to a surrogate or Egg donor.’ 

I read this on my support group for surrogates. 

Intended Parents can not even send flowers, a card, … really anything after you birth a surrogate baby. In Canada that’s a federal offence that could send you to prison.

15%. Can you imagine how much that number would jump IF we did add in the medical reasons, sexual and gender orientation?!

I am speaking from a surrogates point of view.

I wish I discovered the path to surrogacy long ago. I could have had ALL THE BABIES for everyone. But I did not discover this beautiful gift till I was 35 years old. So my time is limited in how many families I can help become whole.

This has been one of the most amazing things I have ever been able to do. To give someone the gift of life. Sure, I have no genetic make up in these babies, but that is besides the point. I wanted to do this. For someone else. I had no trouble growing a baby for 9 months. I had no trouble watching those amazing people, become parents for the very first time. That moment I got to present them their baby… nothing in this world gets you ready for the overwhelming love that was exploding in that room that day.

To make this process safer, easier and more legal for all parties involved, just makes sense. Everyone deserves to experience family.

So in a world where we are capable of being amazing. We should do everything we can to make that happen. For EVERYONE.

Please take a moment to share the article I posted in my blog. It only takes a moment. By you sharing such important information, information that is mostly unknown, changes how many might view surrogacy, understand it, and bring a very important message, to light. So if you are a part of my world, and have enjoyed following my first journey, and are waiting for journey number 2 to get going … share the article. Look, i will even make it easier for you…. : Babies for sale: Navigating the grey areas of assisted human reproduction  

Because at the end of the day, this even affects my world. I will be watching your Social Media posts today. No pressure. Muhuahuahuah. ( ok. That was a bit much…sorry about that. … )Oh who am I kidding! I am totally gonna watch who shares that article.DO IT!

Much love.

From me.



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