Mail Time!

CFC sends you these amazing little boxes when you sign up for a journey.

They are very thoughtful and gives you something to look forward to. You get different stages boxes. a 12 week box and a postpartum box at around 25 weeks ( so you get it in time ) and then they send you a beautiful necklace after your journey. Seriously. They are beautiful. Mine is hanging on my photos with Baby Acorn on my wall.

My welcome box arrived the other day! I love mail. like LOVE IT. It’s like my mail box is santa and just gives random gifts.


So you get this magical box. Ever so gently wrapped. OOOOO what is inside? Well let’s go on a little adventure and find out!



What is all this stuff Courtney, I can’t really make out some of it… Not to worry, lets break it down.

You get a journal book. This can be used to keep a little tracker of everything going on in the journey. Some have been known to gift it once its all filled out. Not me, I am crazy and am known for making BIG journey books for the baby born. Everything from our first e-mail to our last photo together. Hi. My name is Courtney. am a craft-a-holic.

But these are great. Just to even document apts, what happened, ect.


Then comes the tea. Complete with the tea ball. WEEEEEEE. I love tea. LOVE IT. Almost as much as mail. ok that’s a lie. I love tea more than mail. It warms my soul. Tea is what makes my world go round. It starts my day. Sometimes ends my day. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Fixes my problems. Ooops. Thats wine. Wine fixes my problems. lol Anyways……



When it comes time for Transfer, you have your little jar of baby dust. Looks Mine is Green!!!! I will take this as a sign. My last journey was from the amazing land of Ireland. See where the connection is coming from? Green. Ireland. …. following? Ok good. So yes. This is my good luck baby dust. 🙂 AND you get a sweet little wood shaped key chain. I love these. I love key chains too. I am weird. I know this.

THEN…. comes… PEE TESTS!!!!! WEEEEEE! After you transfer embaby… you PEE ON ALL THE THINGS! You start by peeing hours after the embryo is transferred. Why? Because you CAN! Then you wake up and pee again. Then you wait another day…. might as well Pee on another one! By day 10 you have 20 pee sticks with different stages of lines. Seriously. It becomes you. It’s a pee stick addiction. IT can’t be helped. Then when you see potential lines… you share it with everyone and include a photo ( because, who does not love a pee stick photo?!) and it is usually accompanied by ” OMG do you see a line? ” and circle it, and add an arrow. Just incase they are not pee stick masters.. and know where to find the second line. True story. It happens.


So that’s a Welcome box. I have my tinkle tests waiting for me in the bathroom. You know .. I am MONTHS off from transfer. but I wash my hands, look to my right.. and their they are.. I tell them ” I am coming for you. And I am gonna PEE all over you. “

So mini update. I am on Week 8.

This is the last week of the program. But I will continue with working out and eating healthy as.. i am not where i want to be just yet. But hey look! … Bob and Early are … pretty much gone. And my belly is changing shape and going away. Slowly. But its fading. The last week I have been focusing on core work outs.

See if I can really tone it up some. So hopefully some results come by next Monday for my official check in . Then i go right back to busting my ass. I’m also adding in ( trying) 100 squats a day. I did 75 last night. I feel like number 76 i could have just … sat on the floor and not got up. Maybe i’ll split them up . 50 in the morning. 50 in the evening. I dunno, I am sure it will get easier as time goes one.

Man, I should maybe not take photos before i sip a tea or coffee… i look like CRAP. I’ll try harder for my final weight in. lol No promises thou.


But have you seen baby muscle?! yea. That’s all mine. This is what 5 lb weights will get ya! MUHAUHAU. lame. Ok folks, that’s all I got for now. See you in a few days. Have a fantastic Easter Weekend. I’ll try to avoid all my kids junk. Try. 20180325_1514331942421598.jpg

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