BYE BOB!( and Earl)

Final numbers are in. Well, for at least my first goal of 8 weeks.

Now I was not as extreme as I could have been.

I had the odd chocolate. Popcorn. I had a few sips of cola. ( literally sips, after I did, I felt like i was failing myself. ) I had 3 baby potatoes for easter dinner, a half a mini faux turkey (  I am a vegetarian) and a sliver of pie. But I feel like I could have cheated WAY worse.

The 2 months actually went by a lot faster than I expected. It really is a lifestyle change. I was the person who was obsessed with pasta. It’s by far one of my all time favorite comfort foods. Now… I have other options. And I actually like them! I will choose cauliflower rice over white rice any day now. Give me rice noodles or spaghetti squash over pasta. If I eat a little too much sugar induced foods now, I actually get a belly ache. A good old-fashioned belly ache. How crazy is that?! And I am actually ok with that. Its my body telling me, well… yelling at me if you wish, that what I just gobbled, should not have gone in.

This is something I wanted. I wanted my body back. This was not for my husband, or to prove to my friends I was not ruining my body at 36 years old, giving a baby to someone else. This was for me. Our bodies are amazing. They can do some crazy shit! And they can bounce back. Sure it may not be the SAME hip shape, or you have a new battle wound now. But our bodies are ours. We only get 1. I feel like now is the time to treat mine like it deserves. It deserves to be strong. healthy. The best version of its self. It’s the best version of me. I feel good after a work out. Like I did a little self-care for ME. I gave myself 10-30 minutes dedicated to improving myself. Sure I could have went to starbucks and pounded back a 200+ calorie drink for self care, but this self care in my world now, has a consequence. I rather get a little sweat on and have a hot shower after. That is my new norm now.

You will always have people in your life who will not understand your goals, your desires. It’s not for them to understand. Sure… I expect a little support. A little support goes a hell of a long way! But there will always be someone saying ” its just a little cheat.” ” its just 1 drink” ” I don’t understand why you are so hard on yourself”

Not their path. Its yours. Its mine. And if you are being good to your body and your self, Don’t stop!

Now im not saying bite a favorite chocolate bar or have a pasta dish. Life is short, You get one, have a treat damn it! But do what makes you happy.

And guys, …. I am happy right now. I look in the mirror and

I smile.

I feel confident again.

I have set some new goals. ( lets tone this shit up! Bounce that coin off my ass! … ok please don’t but you get the picture. )

I have new career goals. And wow, Do I have amazing people in my life. Those who are supporting me, cheering me on, and mentoring me. Life is pretty good right now.

And Journey number 2.  I am gonna crush this like its my job.

Oh! That reminds me! The amazing lady who is this journey’s egg donor, she is gearing up for egg retrieval in the next week.  This is exciting. Embryos will be created very, very soon.

Now for some photos.


BOB AND EARL ARE GONE! BYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE FELICIA! oh, sorry, got carried away there, I mean BOB.

I am excited to really focus on some toning now. I want sculpted arms. A tight arse. I want to see some ab definition.  Oh and while im writing my wish list to my body, I would like to see that leg flabby we all fight with … to go down a little.

Where is my body-fairy-god-mother?! Oh wait, they are called plastic surgeons. hahah. Kidding, I don’t wanna do that. But I mean, a little umpf in my boob would be lovely. Pregnancy boob all the damn time would be EPIC.

Well, That is all for now.  I will continue to love my body. Work hard. And try to smash some new goals. 🙂 If you have some secrets to toning after a C-Section… GIVE THEM TO ME! I am all ears. Seriously. Message me, comment on my page.. just give me all the tips and tricks.

Thanks for the support near and far. Thanks for holding me accountable.

And get ready for journey 2! I have 2 months till I can officially begin the medical process!

JustTheStork , you should join my page. Share it. Support me in Journey #2.

To those whom have shared one of your favorite posts I have made, Thank you! I am gaining followers and its super exciting to see! You are also opening up the world of Surrogacy to so many! Who knows, Maybe someone you know might just be the next surrogate 🙂

Much love.


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