I got Eggs, in different area codes

April 7th I received an amazing message:

That’s right! 36 eggs were retrieved from the egg donor!

Over achieve much?! I LOVE IT!

I know….what a champ! She is an egg making machine! She came; she conquered. I would high-five her if I could. So for now …a virtual high-five to where ever she is.

Can we also just take a moment and appreciate the humor of my IF’s ( Intended Fathers) . No language barrier will get in our way. lol

So April 8th they confirmed 14 fertilized!

So now we are awaiting the embryo confirmation!

Very exciting time.

Then the next stage is all me! Medical time.  I feel as the 6 month wait has gone by pretty well. Still have 2 months but …. I am sure this time will fly by!I am still working on my summer bod. 🙂

Well that’s it for this little update 🙂

It’s small but jam-packed with amazing news!

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