The Magic 8

I figured it was time for another little update. I left you off with the magic 36 eggs retreived from the AMAZING egg donor ( once again, *high five* for her awesome-ness. She totally rocked her part in this journey. And then some. )


HELLO!  8!

Now we just wait for my ass to gear up for Medical. Tick Tock. 

So, again, while we wait… I thought I would bore you with some updated in my life. It’s still all journey related, and a big reason for my WHY. 

I started a new program. BeachBody this time around. OOOOOOO. I know.

So it’s the new 80 Day Obsession. I figured I would really push myself. You know, get really on track to the body I have always wanted, then BAM stick a baby in me again.

Most people work out and get healthy to stay that way. Not me, I do it all for that little em-baby that will be taking up residence in my body. WELL it’s not the only reason. I really want to be more healthy. I want to reach for better options. Say no, not because I can’t have something, because I don’t want it or need it.

Not only am I changing my body, I am changing the way i view food.

So this whole program is about timed nutrition. I eat … randomly thought the day, and it all works around what time of day I work out. Its kinda neat. At first it’s really overwhelming. You have to do a little homework. Get ready. But I dived right it. It’s what i do. Aint no body got time to waste.

So here I am. Day 3 of 80. I like to post about my fit journey, as by you, the reader… reading this, kinda keeps me accountable. So Thanks goes out to YOU. 

Here is me. Booty day. OOOOOO the buuuuuuuurrrrn I have today.  I feel like my ass is already raised half an inch.


Now for a funny moment. My awesome son, who is 7 has in the past 2 days, worked out with me. I was really impressed. He did 30 minutes with me. Now of course the resistance bands were way to big for his little legs, but that did not stop him. Nope. When he was done he slyly goes ” OMG the girls are gonna love my butt tomorrow” 

I shit you not. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be working your ass and legs with a band, and tight core and your kid busts our a random comment like that? PPPFt. You get em’ buddy. 


Now every now and then I get a random text, message or comment. Sometimes from people I know, Sometimes complete strangers. Even if 1 person reads this, while they are bored… then I reached someone. Maybe you find it interesting, slow, irrelevant . Whatever the reason… When I get random messages like this :






It makes me feel like you might ACTUALLY like what I sometimes have to say. This message came from someone I met a few years ago. She is lovely. And I randomly call on her for her expertise. SO Thank you for this little random message today. It made me smile.

Recently One of the CFC staffers asked us to send in little inspiring notes. You know when your just having a shitty day, hard time, some big event or milestone coming up… how awesome would it to reach in your mailbox and POOF .. a mystery letter arrives, just for THAT purpose?! Pretty awesome if you ask me. SO I sat down. Wrote out a few that I had personal experiences with.. and I hope it finds its way to someone who needs it in this sisterhood of surros. It was kinda nice to send off letters and not know who they will end up to, but know they will end up just where they need to be. I hope They help in the smallest of ways. Or makes someone feel like they are being thought of. 20180320_1433454722914920031170367.jpg

My coach insisted as one of the random things we do today is to compliment a stranger. I like having a coach this time around, not only is she bad ass, a mom and beautiful. She wears her pride well. And she should. You know when you meet someone, even if it is in the cyber world and you just feel like … DAMN… this lady has it going on. Thats how I felt when i looked at her and then send her a message. She is one of those people who just inspire you, by existing.

Anyways, This is my compliment to YOU. Right now.


I hope of ones these applies to your day. Even in the smallest of ways.

Much Love, Court.


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