80 day obsession

I started a new program.

Beach body 80 day obsession.

I am on day 8.

I cant sit on the toilet. I just…aim and fall now.

Shampooing my hair… I just tilt my head. My arms are dead to me.

Thou I have managed to not steal 1 piece of chocolate from the over flowing Easter eggs that still sit in my kitchen. HELL-A-MAZING!

I eat every few hours. Which at first i though would be hard. It’s actually the opposite. It beyond easy.

Now I still have about a cup of tea a day with sugar & milk. But that’s where the dairy & sugar ends. No cheating has happened with snacks. At all. I’m kinda impressed right now.

I even did my first 5K om my treadmill last night. Once I hit 3k…I wanted to jump off. I suck at running. So time consuming. Lol but I told myself no. Kept going. Because the reality is…. if I got off, I would have let my negative side win. I wanted to prove myself wrong. And I did. And it felt awesome. I was proud of myself.

Thou I was happy to get off it. Lol

Here is a glimpse into my first week.

Mule kicks are hard.

Resistance bands are impressive lol

I did things like walk like a duck; gorilla; jump like a frog; kick like a mule and pose like I was a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.

Seriously… you should join me in all the fun!

Even my kid joins in. Which is awesome. And he is a great motivator!

Well… that’s me in a nut shell.

I’m so ready to have a beach ready body this year. Last year I was growing baby acorn. Lol this year I get to enjoy bathing suits; sun and some fun on the deck 🙂 ….because fall time brings some exciting changes 🙂


I am working on a IG account. If you would like to join along find me 🙂


I’ll post it later on my FB page . ( so you should find me there too 😉 )


Bye for now!

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