Loot bags & letters & contracts OH MY!

So its been a while. Its been a little quiet.

But some things have happened.

  1. I missed the retreat. Our Ontario weather was kinda CRAP filled the weekend of it. Ice storm.
  2. Contracts are almost finalized. This means things are gonna start. Hopefully my medical will be sooner than later

Really, that’s all I got. Sorry to disappoint.

But I did have a fellow surrogate drop off my grab bag from the retreat this morning! It was a nice 7am surprise.

OOOOOOOOOO lookie lookie…

Nice, right?!

Its warm and fuzzy. So fuzzy.. my white shirt under is now black.


I still love it. It just needs a wash. I clearly have zero patience. This is nothing new if you know me. HA

Anyways, not only did i get an amazing hoodie from CFC, i also got a new t-shirt. And its NICE. It has the same logo as my new bag. Check. It. Out.


Thats right… I have a new water bottle, lip blam ( everyone. You do not understand how lovely this lip balm is. My lips are like silk sheets when i wear it. Very inviting. )

Yup. MALA BEADS. I love these. Everytime I get a different colour. They are so pretty. I have them hanging … randomly in my house. I think this set will go in my car. πŸ™‚

Anyways. Just another way CFC spoils their surrogates.

Talking about spoiling…


You get a support person with CFC. And when you least expect it… you get inspiration, kind notes in the mailbox. You all know how much I love mail. I can’t get enough of mail that’s is NOT bills. So this was a nice little reminder. πŸ™‚ Thanks Nadine.

Now into my personal life.

I am on day 28 of 80 Day Obsession with BeachBody.

Pretty exciting stuff. In such a short amount of time, my lifestyle has done a 180. For the best. I have more energy. I’m eating amazing. Im gaining muscle slowly… What? My chicken arms will take some time. HA

But I just entered Phase 2.


Just WOW.

I did Cardio core the other day. That was a little intense. I was a hot mess. Looked like a fish out of water all over again. New moves that tested my balance!

Here. A little glimpse.

I am looking forward to my 80 day results. I did not go into this looking to lose weight but more so to tighten up and tone up. Get healthy if you must before Surrogacy journey 2 embarks on me. But I managed to go from 120lbs to 116.2lbs. So ill take it. HA

Crazy to think 5 months ago I had a baby cut out of me. Time flies!

Well. Thats about all I got for now.

Hopefully next… I will have exciting news about a medical apt. Fingers crossed everyone. πŸ™‚

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