1 Step closer

Things will soon be on the roll.

If you don’t have a fun, exciting relationship with your IPS. . . I dunno how you do it.

I am so grateful that my last journey, and this current one… I can be myself.

They pick up on my sarcasm. They get my sense of humor. Even with a language barrier ( shout out out my 1 IP who rocks at English ! ) we get it.

My first set.. I think it was just destiny we were to meet and be in each others lives. I can’t imagine life without them! Or their squishy, adorable baby gal.

Now with that being said… get ready for some EXCITING NEWS :




There was no response more fitting.. then a GIF from how I met your mother, with champagne spraying everywhere. The excitement is real y’all.

All my medical info has officially arrived in the hands of the fertility clinic I will be working with. oh, no big deal… It’s just VEGAS~

Yea. I know. You are envious.

I get to go to Vegas. Get pregnant. And break all the rules that apply to Vegas.

clearly “what happens in Vegas WILL NOT stay in Vegas” Ha.

Take that Vegas.

You shiny, bright light, exciting city! I AM COMING FOR YOUUUUUUU!!!!!………. soon.


*Tick tock* Just waiting for the clinic to make its apt with me.

Anyways, My IPS went on a little bird adventure.

They…. wait for it ……… seen a …… wait for it …… STORK! Guys… storks …. actually…. are real. I know. Crazy.  In my world, they exist like unicorns exist. They do magical things. But no one sees them.

Not true. They are a pretty common bird.


The ones that exist in my world are WAY cooler. Because, you know .. they carry babies bundled in fabric.

Anyways… Thats all I have for now.

Be warned. Many, many more updates are coming at you.

Exciting times the summer will bring.

Now to come up with a clever shirt for Transfer day. Planned Transfer ETA – September. ( maybe a tiny bit earlier if I bat my eyelashes and smile sweetly. hehe )

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