We wait…

Oh, don’t let the tittle fool you! The wait is not long. We are talking.. before the end of the month!

I have had contact with Vegas Fertility. So to get all personal and let you in on why I am waiting….

The monthly aunt flow. The bloody show. That time of month. Monther nature to show her nasty face. You get the picture. My period. 

There is only 2 times a women WISHES for her period to show.

  1. Pregnancy scare. 
  2. IVF reasons.

So I am to e-mail Vegas, when its day 1.

Then between 10-14 days after day 1. I go visit the bright light city!

Nothing too exciting. Its legit, 1 day doc. apt. But its in VEGAS. So you know.. there is that.

So they will do a little blood work, a little ultra sound business, a tinkle test and likely a sonogram. FUN TIMES FOR MY VAGINA! – not.

So, fingers crossed, this month is like clock work, and everything comes on time. 🙂


Now, as the world celebrates PRIDE month… My local city celebrates this saturday.

Clearly, I had to find the perfect shirt. To celebrate just one of the many reasons, I love PRIDE.

I thought this was suiting. Don’t you?!

A little forward. But hey, it’s PRIDE . I think its ok. 🙂

And let’s be real, I have been busting some booty workouts lately, my butt is getting TIGHT. Might as well toss my hashtag on my butt. HA

Looking forward to Saturday. If you know where I live, You should come out and find me. I will have a booth at Pride this year. Will be there all day ❤


Now as my followers know, I have been busting butt to get healthy. Not skinny… healthy. Strong.  For me, and for journey #2.


6 months later. Our bodies are AMAZING. We grow humans, sometimes humans  that are not ours, Our bodies go through labour, for hours on end.. all for it to end in an operation with your body being cut open, your insides moved around and put back together.

But with time, self-love and inspiration, we can kick-start our bodies back.. to orignal form. Sometimes better! I am weighing in at 114.4 lbs right now! I have not seen the scale say that… in a very… very long time. The goal was to shed a little baby weight. We all get it. But the big goal was to become stronger and healthier. I want to treat my body the way it should be treated. I only have one!

Now my kid says I am strong. THAT makes me proud of my self.

Now It did not take over night. I gave birth in December. Had to wait to be medically cleared. ( FFS.. that felt like forever) Then i had to ease my way into working out… hello… I had ab separation. It hurt to even attempt a sit up. I had to learn moves to help them get back together. So that added a little longer get fit time to my schedule.

But it happened, and i got stronger.

But that c-section scar.

That fearful, mark, belly flap, reminder.

I was scared I would have that forever.

6 months later…. my body reminds me how amazing it is.

How strong I am.

That a human was born safely. Healthy. Happy.

That scare that worried me, gave me anxiety over my own body, self-esteem, insecurities. Now  Is a reminder of how beautiful it is.


That magical scar.. is almost gone.

I hope it stays around, even in the smallest of ways. It now has alot of meaning to me.

And when i am all done making babies for families… I might get a tattoo over it to celebrate it.

Well, thats all for now.

The next update will likly be VEGAS. 



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