Leaving on a jet plane

This gal is going to VEGAS BABY!

*picture insane 36 year old, dancing like she is 20, on a bar, with 2 drinks in her hand spilling them everywhere, because ‘she just don’t care’ whooo- hoooing like a wild animal. *

I mean,…. I am not like that at all. Pfft. Who do you think I am?! geesh.

.….. Awkward silence……..

Alrighty-then… moving on…

So, yea, I am going to VEGAS BABY. Omg. sorry… Everytime I think of VEGAS… sloppy white girl comes out. My bad. I will try harder next time.

So you know what that means. Thats rights. My period came. BOOM!

I will be on a jet plane to sunny Vegas next week!

On my way to the fertility clinic to pee, get stabbed, have my insides violated.. GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL! That big wand wont know what hit it. Or my insides wont… Whatever the case… I’ll start my hooo-haaaa stretches now… wait.. that will make me tighter.. I might not want that. Damn it. Lunges? hmmm.

Don’t you worry you magical followers, There will be photos. SO. Many, Photos. It will be like, you are there too.

Anyways. Everything about Vegas is exciting. OMG do you think they sparkle their lady part equipment? maybe bedazzled it? BHAHAHA . “ribbed for her pleasure.” OMG get your mind out of the gutter.

This is a medical.

Not a one stop party train. GEESH.

Anyways. I don’t know how I am going to get through this week, knowing insane UV rays are awaiting me.

Well. That Is all for now. If I must wait. You shall wait too.

I will update when I get back. 😉 You know you are excited, don’t even act like you’re not!


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