Bright lights & Probing….

Tuesday – Thursday went by FAST. Though in Vegas, it felt like time stood still….. Not sure why. Maybe the heat got to me.

Seriously guys, the heat was…. INTENSE. +40

I had the worst headache by mid day, of day 1. My body just could not handle the heat. 

I lived for water. I could not get enough in me, and I am pretty sure the amount of water weight I carried home was enough to tip the scale a few lbs.

But Lets get to the fun stuff. Outside of Vegas being hot as balls…. It was pretty amazing.

The lights. The sights. The food.


This little place was lovely.

The staff. so kind!  They were personal, chatty, all had smiles.. even the lady who did my blood work… my goodness. I have never chatted so much to someone who was taking so much from me. lol Seriously… there was too many bottles wanting to be filled.

AND.. she just had all the patience in the world for my blood when it became as slow as a turtle… she didn’t wanna poke me again.. so … we waited it out. ( Ah.. thank you very much)

The lovely nurse lady ( OMG im so bad with names!!!! ) She was kind. Perma-smile on her face. Which put me at ease. I mean… I knew what was coming …. But after my first go at a sono… 4 times…. i was not looking forward to it.

Shocking enough.. I realized not everyone has had one. So incase you are one of the lucky few… this is what it is :


You’re welcome. Now that little tube that goes inside.. pushes in some saline … well my first experience … it was not working… 4… damn…times. And for some reason, it hurt like a …. well you fill in the blank.

This time. This doc had magic moves ( insert song tunes ) ” I’ve got the magic , in me … every time I  touch that track it turns into gold, everybody knows I got the magic in me ”

She should walk around with this playing in her pocket.

Anyways. I did not even know she did it till the perm-a-smile nurse told me it was done.


Now my guys, when they went to check out the fertility clinic… they thought  they were funny and sent me this :


HAHAH.. Ha.. ha…. h a.  They don’t even KNOW the torture one of these can cause if in the wrong hands. WE have all had that one person, just … turn our insides upside down with one of these. The nurse or doc who just treat it like a scope… and wrap your everything around it. I swear I have experienced bruising from one in my past. Where you wanna punch the person in the face, or kick them in the face… or STICK IT UP THEIR ASS and be like TAKE THAT! 

… sorry… back flashes….. 

Anyways… What is the first thing I do when I  get into the room ?



send them this photo and caption it ” SO WE MEET……” 

Also, How sexy is my paper gown?!

How adorable is the case worker I met?!

He was so kind. And so french. And the first thing I do is make him take a selfie and send it to my guys. HAHAHA  And then, he walks back into the room with my guys on Video chat! ❤ SO SWEET!

…. He looks 12. But is so kind.  All you single surrogates… Consider this fertility clinic. HA

Good news.

  • My scar is not so terrible on the inside. ( just from first chat with the doc. I had to ask. I was curious. )  She said the uterus is a tear shape. mine had a point .. from the c-section. Which is normal.  my wall is not thin. This is good news. 🙂

Bad news.

  • I have to wait the full year with this clinic to transfer due to my past c section. So we do have to wait till early December. Pro- I get more ‘get healthy time” and my insides get a little extra time to prep for surro babe

So you have to wait a little longer for the epic prego belly pics.



true story.


Anyways…. Lets see some of the fun I had in Vegas!!!!

This was a first time for me. 😀

I love M&M’s. The store was 4 floors! And …. the Orange guy came out! Yes I got in line! How could you not?!


The hotels were … amazing. Every one of them had something different in them. You had to go into them all. Caesar’s palace had like .. a damn mall inside. INSANE.

My hotel was Paris. Clearly You have to get a photo with the faux tower. And eat there.

And, as a vegetarian.. I was worried what I could eat there. But.. shocking enough Gordon Ramsay Burger had me covered! My burger tasted SO REAL, I had to double-check that it was … in fact… fake.  nom nom nom. I will dream of this burger… forever.


Waiting for the water fountain show. OMG. ( I will post a video below .. because, they were just magical. )





Now, The daycare provider in me.. got WAY excited to see Paw Patrol on the STRIP.

Yes I sent this photo to a client.

But I think the Vegas Heat contributed to their slim-ness. lol


Ok. Get ready for magical Vegas water fountain show.



What else did I see in Vegas?

Boobs, Show girls, Batman, Spiderman, Amazing artists, People zip lining above my head as I walked Fremont st ( so cool) got hit on by creepy dudes ( pretty sure it’s part of their job hustling with tickets) amazing homeless people with  the BEST signs. Seriously… BEST signs EVER. ( I should have snapped a few photos ) … next time.

But I am happy to be home. Back to my routine. Back to Tim’s tea’s.


Well readers…. That is all for now. I am off to try to find a doc to covert my prescription over to be accepted in Canada. ( who knew this was a thing….) Wish me luck!


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