Results,Vacation & …more results!

So we got the good news we were expecting…


But as stated above, we do have to wait for Transfer. ( I can transfer as of Dec 6th ahahah)

So a little big of a wait, but nothing crazy! At least this could be a great Christmas if all goes as planned! So a nice little early winter get away to Vegas will be happening for Transfer. FUN!


I am gearing up for a vacation soon. (very very very soon!)

I am heading off to visit Surro Babe and Family in Ireland! 

1 whole week loving on them and touring around.

Last time I held her, she was a few weeks old! She will be 7.5 months old!!!

I am so nervous she will hate me! The weird things that go through your mind, when you carry a little person for 9 months, birth them, snuggle them …. then they fly home to start  their new life. You feel this HUGE bond, but this little person has no clue who you are. STRANGER DANGER!!! HA

Soon enough, she will come to know how special she is to me, and I will be trying to steal her for summer vacation time in Canada when she is old enough hahah ( Daddies if you are reading this… you have been warned lol ) #CanadaRoots lol

Thou, I am very luck. Not a day goes by, I don’t get an updated photo of her!

I also get to drag my hubby along for this trip. So he gets to experience Ireland for the first time.

Now, I had to have some amazing shirts made. I can’t go empty-handed. ( I legit have a carry on suitcase filled with goodies for my God-daughter! HA)

I had these amazing shirts made from an awesome person. ( If you are local to me, and need some swag… I can direct you to her!)


MATCHING SHIRTS!!!!!! ( geesh… say Hi to my foot….) 


HOW adorable are these?~!



That’s right. This is amazing. I can’t wait for all the cheesy photos that will happen. 


I have to work right up till the time we leave for the airport. Which is crazy. I have not even packed, my life has been so busy this week…. apts, our own children are here on holidays ( sadly I have not been able to share time with them at all) soccer every night, errands, I will still be doing laundry the DAY OF … because I am that behind ( and exhausted) with life right now. Mom’ing hard this week!

But ona very positive note, That crazy 80 day thing I was doing…. Yeah i crushed it.


This was me 2 months PP when i was given clearance to start working on ME. This is 7 months pp after I finished my 80 days. ( Thanks BeachBody!!!)  I officially said by to BOB! SEE YOU LATER BOB!!!! Don’t come back anytime soon! Now to tighten up my butt, belly and grow some muscle!

Now I am starting a new program ( On Monday ) LIIFT4. Its 4 days a week, 30 minute work outs. Weekends off. Now going to Ireland, I am not really sure how this will play out. I AM on vacation, but I also do not want to kiss all my hard work goodbye! This will actually be a personal struggle for me. I can’t exactly pack my weights. lol

So I will have to sub in some cardio…Thankfully, Beachbody on Demand allows me to take it with me where ever I go. So i can log in and do…… something . LOL

Ps. the shitty thing about doing selfies, first thing in the morning, is no one around to tell you your bra tag is hanging out. and the angles are CRAP .lol

Thou I did somehow grow a baby arm muscle. I hope LIIFT 4 allows that little guy to grow some more!

Well, that’s me in a nutshell.

I will post some photos of the awesome trip, and all the awesome-ness  Ireland is.

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