Ireland has a part of my heart

I took holidays.

I traveled to one of my favorite places, Ireland.

It was almost 1 year to the day, That I went last year. The only difference: I was not pregnant this time around.

What does that mean? I actually got to go to a few pubs. experience a different side of Ireland.

I also was not full on tourist this time. Only a little. I jammed in so much last year, and at 5 months pregnant… It was not the easiest to be on my feet all day, climbing, walking, traveling. But I mean… it was Ireland.. You don’t stop. You GO GO GO! There is just too much to see.

This time my hubby traveled with me. It was actually, our very first time going anywhere together. ( We have 3 dogs, and 3 children. Traveling out of country is not always the easiest task!)

*Shout out to those amazing people in our lives who took our dogs in and  watched our house so it did not flood from the rain!*


We spent a night in Galway, toured around crumbling castles, had a couples massage IN a castle… i know … kinda awesome. We drank flat whites, ate weird chip flavours, had the most amazing ice cream, I hung out with the cows…. what? You don’t make that a priority when traveling?! What is wrong with you?! lol

But the most important thing about my vacation:

Baby snuggles. Not just your every day kinda baby snuggles… I am talking, surro baby, she is my God-Daughter, Lives crazy far away…. baby snuggles. Really.. they are kinda the best.

She is almost 8 months old. ( OMG.) I last seen her at the end of December 2017.

She was so tiny….. so perfect.

What has changed? well she grew a crazy amount! She kinda got a little heavier, lol but her smile. My goodness… Those 2 front teeth with the little gap, and her piercing big blue eyes, light up the room. And this kid never stops. She has  a painted on smile. By far one of the happiest kids I have ever been around. She is just taking life in like it is the most amazing thing ever.

I only wish I could share her contagious smile. I only wish you could hear  the giggle. Because you can NOT, not laugh. I only wish you could have seen the moment I arrived at the airport. The excitement, the fear I had wondering was she going to burst into STRANGER DANGER tears if I touched her?! The fear is REAL. I feel like I have this amazing, no one can understand bond with this little human. But she… she is too young to know. There is just no way she knows. Right?….

I hugged daddy 1 & Daddy 2… then I gave the biggest ” Hi baby!” to baby Acorn. ( if you have been following along, you know that was her nickname from day 1) And I just … went for it. Get it over with right? If she screams… Its normal. What baby does not scream when a stranger grabs them and talks IN THEIR FACE?! lol I mean… I am an adult… you know get the ” WTF are you doing in my personal bubble” face.


She didn’t cry.

She did not scream.

She smiled the biggest smile.

Hello relief, good-bye stress, fear, anxiety…..

Hello baby. 

Now, there was one day after her nap, I spoke WAY to soon , and she cried. A girl needs time to wake the hell up! I know I don’t like people being all cheery as fuck the second I open my eyes. So I let her have that one. lol

Maybe she knew. Maybe the sound of my voice triggered something recognizable, maybe I just walked up to her after enough time awake. I guess I will never know. But I like to think, that she somehow, deep down inside, recognizes the sound of my voice, my scent… something. It’s just a nice happy thought. I will keep it.

Anyways, My time with her was amazing.

And I am already wishing, on all the stars, that I have even the smallest of chances to show up for her 1st birthday. Even if that means a 3 day trip, complete exhaustion and not adjusting to a 5 hour time change. It will be so worth it.

I guess you want to see photos right?! Please know, that due to confidentiality of Daddies & Baby Acorn, there sadly will not be any photos of the most beautiful baby ever. You will just have to use your imagination. 🙂 But I will share with you some of the amazing moments I had!


As a vegetarian, and complete animal lover. I love cows. I think they are beautiful animals, I want to touch their fluffy ears, and scratch their noses. Their eye lashes are the longest things ever. I love them. So I sat and had tea with them for a few minutes.

It’s the small things in life that make my heart happy. Cows in Ireland are one of them.


Flat Whites. I am not a huge coffee fan. But when they come, every single time with pretty designs. They change my view on coffee. And the coffee is kinda delish. And an amazing Wake Me Up. lol


LOOK! Its me, cows AND a castle! #AWESOME-SAUCE !!!


Now for some photos of me and castles. OOOOoooooOOOOO! I know. What is more amazing.. the ones you get a massage in or the ones that are as old as time?! They are lovely. I need more castles in my life.


Here are a few photos just of random places. I love their little towns. There are so many. They have so much to look at. They are SO CLEAN!

And now for some WOW. Is this not one of the most beautiful places?! I am not religious. But I can appreciate the beauty this place has to offer. Its breath-taking. Peaceful. Lovely.

Their beaches are stunning. The rocks, Ocean, Mountains, the walking paths, the fresh air. Love.

They also have the smallest police stations too. Heheheh


Their university is breath-taking. I mean, how does anyone get anything done here? I would be sitting outside all day, every day… just taking in this beautiful place!


One pub, had posters on the walls AND the ceiling. It was kinda awesome. You always had something to look at.



And in case you are feeling a little like you put on a few pounds while visiting, eating all the food and tossing your routine out the window.. why not work out.. in the middle of a park.. BY A FRIGGIN CASTLE?!?!?! 

This is only a very tiny glimpse into my week. A week is not enough. You need more like … 3. I still have more to see. Next time, maybe I can slip over to Paris, France and take in some of the sights there too. 🙂 And see some pretty important people.

Well, that was my trip in a nutshell.

My heart is full. My soul is topped up. Till next time…. ( because, there will always be a next time.)

Oh… and look at the sweetness I arrived home too…


I have the sweetest daycare littles.


Back to reality I go!


Oh but before I go….make this your new, end of summer song. Because OMG. I feel in love with this song. I always come home with songs, I can’t get enough of. Your welcome.



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