Winter Plans

I know, The word winter makes me shiver to.

I am Canadian. I also believe, I was born in the wrong country. I do not handle the cold well. At all. Ever. Everything about winter, I wish away. The snow, the cold, the shoveling, the ice, the temps…. HATE. I know, hate is a strong word. But there is no word stronger, that I could possible use.


Anyways, Back to the plans section of my title.

I have some VERY exciting plans coming up.

Sure, I have a transfer that is planned for, what I hope to be early December. …

But I have more exciting plans.


Thats right. I have some VERY special visitors.

And since I missed my stop in France in July…. I will just have to make up for it this coming spring! ummmm YES PLEASE! Sent me to the Eiffle Tower. Just so I can get that selfie. HA  Seriously, what else is there to do in France?! 

Also, guys… im the lady. Who is the stork. hahaha I am so excited.




My guys are so on the ball….. they even booked their flights already.


This is amazing. Sadly I will not see them ON Christmas day. They are flying into another city, and exploring. But depending on Transfer date, I hope to have some very exciting news for them for Christmas. Maybe I should make them wait till they show up at my door, if that’s the case? Make them want to get to me that much faster. HAHA

I’m not that mean….. or am I?! MUhuhauha haha ha   a 


Things have been so quiet. We are literally, just waiting for the clinic to contact us . I will start meds, then go for a lining check… once i am cleared for that… its transfer time. I know, the wait is killing us. Maybe things will start in November if we are lucky.

So, while I wait, I continue to bust butt on my lifestyle goals.


Have you ever tried to find your abs?!


Why the hell is it so hard to find something, we all technically have?!

I am on a mission to find them before Transfer. Seems kinda silly… knowing they will vanish again… but The end goal is to come out of this pregnancy healthier then I did my last one. Maybe I wont have to work so hard on getting my body back, if I continue to take good care of it now, and through the pregnancy. One can hope.

This is me thinking.. that maybe… abs might be TRYING to come say hi. I dunno. Maybe its just skin bumps. I’ve never had abs… I deserve them damn it.


Does anyone else have the worst after photos? Like my face never looks impressed. Like im forcing the happy smile, through grunts, huffs and puffs…. because I just crushed a work out. Then you see other ppls photos, with the perfect sweat droplets, perfectly posed after selfie… im like … nope. This is the best you get. Get it while they are attempting to pop out because’ i just died from a  core routine and in about 10 minutes, they will vanish again, no one will believe me. ‘ true story.


Do you ever wake up slim in the morning, then by noon.. you have a food baby?! like WTF. How do ppl walk around with abs all day? do they never eat? paint them on? have -20 % body fat? I have some serious questions. I officially think they are aliens. Sent here to shame those who get belly pooches just from eating. in 2 hours.




Anyways. Thats life in a nutshell for now.

If I do ever get abs, clearly, i will name them. Because I will be having their going away party shortly after. lol

Time to gear up for the hustle of September. If you are a parent , with kids heading back to shcool…. enjoy your last week of sleeping in, lack of routine…. ( I mean, if your lucky enough to sleep in…. lol )


Till next time ..

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