I know, I know. It’s been quiet.

But when there is no news, its good news right?…..

So here is a little update on my world.

We are still waiting. But the wait is going by at an ok speed. Come November i will be hearing from Vegas. I will assume i will start meds, have to go for a lining check, to make sure everything is nice and fluffy for lil em-baby before transfer.

We are 2 months and 2 days out from the 1 year C-Section anniversary. WOOT

We are also coming up on Christmas time. Which is another super,exciting time for my family. We get to meet the IP’s in person! ❤

I might be whisked back to Montreal for a night with them, to take in some sights. ( I have never been!)

That’s about as much as I have for an update for Surro-Stuff. But just think, soon, I can blast all you followers with photos, and info once things start! Which in reality, is NEXT MONTH! EEEK!

Now, for the past few months I have been on a health kick. Taking care of my body. You know, my body is a temple, blah blah blah.

I fell off that train 2 weeks ago. Things got crazy at home. Hubby deploying for a few months, kid starting hockey, my damn house just got blessed with a flea infestation. ( OMG I feel gross even typing that out) I HATE flea’s. I have 3 dogs. So shit hit the fan pretty fast in my house. That was Friday when i discovered them. I am not exactly sure how long they were making my home, their home, before i noticed one jump on my hand. * yes i LOST MY SHIT*

Anyways, $300 vet visit later, and my hydro bill will be insane because… laundry. everything gets washed or put in the dryer DAILY. blankets, sheets, floors washed and vacuumed. Ugh uh. seriously , I do not joke around when it comes to flea’s. My dogs have always been medicated. ( that sounds bad lol) This is the one year we skipped. Never again.

Did you know ppl can transport fleas? Thats fun. Did you know they can stay dormant for a few months? Awesome. Hello Hell. I have been waiting for you. When you THINK you have it taken care of…. you really don’t. So you just wait out the storm. Wait to see if they are coming back with a vengeance because .. what.. the eggs just be like ” hey, let’s do this shit!” ?


Sorry, went off on a mini vent there. So moral of ” this is a story, all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down”. ( omg did you just sing that sentence ? You did didn’t you? BHAAHHA *high-five* ) And i feel off the wagon.

I recently found my way back to my little red wagon 3 days ago. Did you know October 1st is the start of 90 days left of the year?! Wow.

90 days.

Do you know the book ‘Girl,WAsh your face’ by Rachel Hollis ? Go find her on IG.

You will discover her #Last90Days challenge.

So i jumped on , with both feet and I will make the best of my last 90 days of 2018.

My goals : get back on my fit journey. I need the structure in my life. Drink more water. Because … I suck at that. READ MORE. omg. I need to read more! I need to learn to not guilt trip myself about indulging in things. ( like the odd chocolate bar ) Learn to let things go that I have no control over. Managing my anxiety. ( this is new for me, and only comes out with a certain new aspect of my life)

So here i am. Day 3. So far so good.

If i can do 80 day obsession via BeachBody, I think i can do 90 days and focus on ME. I deserve that.

Hell, YOU DESERVE THAT. You should jump on the lil red wagon too and take the last 90 days for YOU. If you do, do it, and post on IG.. hit me up with your info. I would love to follow your awesome last 90 days.

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