Once upon a time …..

Once upon a time,…. in my kinda careless 20’s, I had a friend.

I was hella fun guys…..just saying.

You know the kind I’m talking about. The one you do nothing with, everything with, go on random adventures with, dance the night away with, have ‘ office meetings ‘ with.

And by office meetings, I mean sit on the deck and drink in the hot summer nights.

Once upon a time, I had this friend.

We sadly parted our ways.

This was a friendship I mourned for a long time. Not days, not weeks…years. Hell I’d be lying if I said I still, on a good day dont mourne our lost friendship.

I know, I know…’but Courtney, what’s this got to do with surrogacy ?’

Everything. And nothing all at the same time.

The other day I was scrolling facebook memories. Taking a lil’ walk down memory lane if you will….

That once upon a time friend was there.

I was curious. I, over the years heard her name pop up. Small town….it happens.

So I clicked her name. I just wanted to see how life was treating her.

Then I hovered over the message button.

A button I have lingered on many times.

I mean ….if I missed her , maybe….she missed me too? Maybe she 100% moved on and I’m just a ‘ once upon a time friend’ that never comes to light.

I have messaged over the years. Just a, hello, hope you’re well, Congrats on the babies. Ect ect.

Things I have heard over the years. It usually resulted in silence. Not that I expected a message back….just ….I guess I wanted to reach out. Put it out into the universe kinda thing.

I read she was a surrogate.

Ahhhh….there it is.

I know. Crazy.

I was speechless, excited, blown away….

How insane…that both our lives took us to surrogacy ?!

Both with different companies. At different times in our lives.


The best part:

She messaged back.

I felt like a teenage girl having a boy message for the first time.

We chatted about our journeys, she was off to a conference, how our kids have said funny things about us moms carrying for other people…

Then it went silent again.

But….for half a day, we chatted. It was amazing.

My once upon a time friend is a 2 time surrogate.


The world is amazing. Life is amazing.

Do you have a once upon a time friend?

Have you reached out, just to say hi ?

Ever struggled letting one go?

They can be worse then a break up.

When you meet amazing girlfriends….you connect differently.

Sometimes you never get over a friendship loss.

I will never get over this loss.

But….for a little while, she allowed me into her life. And that was pretty awesome.

So to all those once upon a time friends :

No matter how you walked into my life or why we parted ways, I wish you great things in life.

I always cheer you on from the sidelines, wonder how you have grown as a person, mom, wife, career woman.

You still cross my mind in the most amazing ways that makes me smile and miss you, all at the same time.

But in other news….

I started eating birth control pills again.

Random. I know. Ha!

Getting this body of mine all in order to get knocked up !


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