The time has arrived

Ok… not really, but … kinda….

The start of Surrogacy journey 2 has begun.

I was up as the ass-crack-of-dawn Monday Nov 19th to go for blood work at 7am.

I arrived at 7am on the dot. I was 10th in line. With over 30 min wait. CRAZY.

I mean, I was legit the only one under the age of 60 waiting for blood work. Why do people of that age need to be there THAT early in the morning? They have all damn day! I don’t! lol I had to rush back for work, as I was late to start. lol

People of over 60 yrs needing blood work. Calm down. Enjoy that second coffee. It’s good for the soul. lol


My view was pretty exciting too….20181119_0739244702414433642405595.jpg

Now, if you are in Canada, you know if you go to Lifelabs, you wait forever to get results. This is annoying. I mean the results I was waiting for, I could not understand even in googled them, but when the time comes to confirm pregnancy… you best bet i will be checking every 5 minutes, knowing full well… it wont show up till 24 hours later. lol The wait is enough to kill ya.


Anyways, I had a crap ton of meds delivered to my door last week. My counter looked like I was starting my own series of Weeds. I look like a drug dealer right now. So what do you do with a pile of meds….( and PS this is not even all of it. I will be coming home with more after transfer from Vegas ) img_20181116_183244_6811169526733874964982.jpg


This is WAY more than what I was required to do with Journey 1. I have patches, and extra needles, and big horse pills….

Guys… When I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription of Lupron ( it needs to be cold, so they could not mail it)  The pharmacist was beyond worried for my life.

” Courtney can you check the dosage from your doctor when you get home. it seems like a lot”

I awkwardly show him my required dosage.

” Do you know this is used in Cancer treatment?”

Well way to freak me the hell out,…. strange dude behind the counter.

me. ” ah. … that’s fun to learn.” Seriously.. what are you to say to that?!


I leave.

pharmacist calls me back.

” Courtney,  I don’t know about this. I think you should double-check. I am going to just make a note on the file here. That I am concerned”

Ok. Did I just get … like RED FLAGGED by my local pharmacy?!

Am I gonna die from 20 units of Lupron, for 3 weeks?!

I feel this is stressing me out. I May have poured a glass of wine. I pondered life.. at 37 yrs of age. I mean.. its been good. I had  good life. Its fine. I am fine. *insert cold sweats*


The nurse emails me back.

Its fine. Everything fine. I will survive lupron. Carry on.


I have to go back to pick up a refill after I start this new med On sunday.

I hope it’s a different pharmacist. lol


My new med that starts Sunday. Ugh.


So now that I have this crazy schedule to follow … I had to feel somewhat organized.


I have so many more blood work apts, Ultra sounds out-of-town, start meds, stop meds… I needed a schedule. HA

I also dumped my meds in the biggest tackle box. I don’t even fish. It was for crafting. The crafting supplies are dumped in a container now. I need a smaller one. Its … HUGE. Like .. sitting on my floor, in a corner… huge.

“Courtney whats in the tackle box?”

me. Pft. needles. Don’t everyone keep needles in tackle box?……..”

So we have a tentative transfer date.

December 20th. at 12:30pm


now, be hopefully everything else follows through with blood work, stabbing, ultra sounds to get us to this 1 month date. So much preparation for a little em-baby!


The fun thing, is messaging the DAds-to-Be and googling what meds are used for. And Freaking each other out. HA

I mean, the birth control I am on right now ( ps. I have not been on BC in YEARS) Is making my skin act out like a toddler who just had a sucker taken away from them.

It’s a hot mess. I feel like im 15. Only this time… With fine lines.

THANKS MEDS. I needed that. I am gonna live the next few months in a snap-chat filter. You know where to find me. lol

So, The reality is…. If all goes as planned… When I have 2 very special visitors this December 26th from France, I might have some amazing news for them.

So you know … send me all your good vibes for the next month.


See what I did there… Snapchat filter with med box. HA.. ha… haaa.


Till the next update… keep your everything crossed for me!

I will be spending the next few days mentally prepping to stab myself. 😀

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