Vegas is in the near future!

So It has been a while since my last update.

I am recently on attempt number 2 for journey 2. As you know, my last month transfer was canceled suddenly. The doctors thought they ‘seen something’ , blah blah blah. Best to caution on the side of safe.

So I have officially gone for way too much blood work, and 2 ultrasounds this month. You know, the kind where they hand you the BIG wand, and awkwardly ask you to insert it yourself, then you hand it over to them, to twist it, turn it and stab you with it… in your insides. Yea. Then the amount of lube they use, its dripping down your leg, all over the paper bed you just laid on ( if you lay on the paper by your head, and the tech lady tries to have a conversation with you, and all you hear is paper moving in your ear, and your saying ” sorry what was that? ” a million times. Then it goes quiet. Did it just go quiet because the conversation got annoying or she sees something? Great. Now im going to worry for the next 12 hours. AWESOME. just AWESOME. Stupid paper bed. ), and you are dealing with it for the next 24 hours. Gross.  Too much of a visual? too bad. If you have lady bits, you have had this happen in your life.

Great news though. News that … I swear, myself and my IPS were up worrying about, waiting for confirmation on my results from yesterday.

My testing was at 7am for blood work, then 10 am ultra sound out-of-town.

Finally around 7:30 pm, we got some amazing news.


  1. I passed my second ultrasound this time, with flying colours. BOOM! 
  2. My transfer date is moved up by 1 day. Because my lining was so lovely. Fluffy. Perfection. Ready to take on an embryo….. you get the picture.

Ps. wanna know what a bedazzled fluffy lining looks like? yea you do. Come enjoy the blob with me :



It looks like a big sperm.

Last ultrasound looked like a penis. Clearly that was NOT ok.  This one looks like sperm. Seriously. This is better than staring at clouds seeing what you can make of them! HA 


So.. This is the amazing news. Transfer is set for next week. Of course, as long as my blood work Friday comes back in great condition.

But lets talk about some of the meds I am on.

I have these massive patches I have to put on, and then change after every 3rd day. I had patches last month too, but they were like … 10xs smaller. Seriously. So the last month patches came off with no issue. They left that silly residue on my skin, but … nothing a little soap and water can take care of. ( or Doterra lemon oil! )


Oh these ones…. no no no.…. It was like peeling off a layer of skin. These are SO BIG... they took off the reside from the small ones. Cleaned my skin! Baby smooth! I swear, when I have to take them off today, and change them… I might cry a little. That or a layer of skin will come off. I guess we will soon find out.

Look at these bad boys!! 20190113_0822221755119816990478232.jpg

Huge. They take up my whole bottom half of my stomach. Then I have to also inject Lupron in my belly too every night. FFS. lol

SO tonight I get to start stabbing my ass. Ugh. These needles are the WORST. I am not looking forward to them at all. The only good thing, Is i put on my big girl panties and can now officially do them myself. I don’t have a lot of padding in the back-end, so it’s not super easy to twist around and poke myself while not shaking … but you know … with practice it will come easy… till my arse gets rock hard from injections. lol


So. Hopefully I will be on a plane next week on my way to Vegas to get pregnant!

Send me all the positive vibes for the next step!

Follow me on IG ( link below ) to see updates, and posts and pictures of VEGAS . If I go. …..I will go. Totally am going … Positive thoughts. Blood work is gonna come back shiny and perfect too. #LetsDoThis ! 

IG just the stork



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