I flew from Canada to Vegas Sunday Jan 20th. It is not easy with my job, to take off 4 days. I run a daycare. Its hard on me. Its hard on my clients. It all around sucks. But I made it. They are awesome, and I have the coolest little kids I get to work with everyday. Thou, walking back in today, I had my ear talked RIGHT off. lol One needed to make up for lost time with me. I knew her agenda for the weekend, before her boots were off her feet. lol

I arrived LATE Sunday. The flight was delayed a bit. Which put me in the hotel at almost 12am. But first I need to tell you about my flight.

  1. A gentle man was being moved seats. He stops to move his bag from 1 compartment, to take with him, to his new space. Que Flight attendant ” ah, do you really need to take that? ok. you’re doing it. great. ” The sass that came out of this man, was EPIC. I kinda found it hilarious, with his demeanor.
  2. Out of the same compartment falls a white square. Guy to the right picks it up… looks at it, flips it over, then the light bulb goes off. ( it’s a pad) and without skipping a beat, looks back at us and goes ” Gonna need that later” with a smug face. I was crying I was laughing so hard.


I had to get up for 6:30am. I woke at 5:30am . ( whyyyyyyyyy lol)

I had to go to the fertility clinic to get blood work, before my transfer later that day.

I had some time to once again, wander Vegas before Transfer. Once transfer happened I was told I would be expected to be on bedrest for 48 hours. That left half a day after to finish touring Vegas in reality, with a 12am flight out Wednesday.

CFC sends you baby dust in you’re welcome box as a surrogate. So I took my baby dust and added it to my locket with stork charm. Wishful thinking ❤



Off I go to Transfer. You have to drink 16oz of water.

BHAHAH.. who In the right mind can do that before an ultrasound?! seriously, do you have a stomach made up of 90% bladder room?! Maybe its just me. I had to focus on getting off the chair… to walk to the transfer room, so I would not have pee running down my leg.

I even told the nurses AND doctor, my goal is to not NOT pee on him.

Photo of my IPs case worker, Romain and me pre transfer.

Photo credit shout out to Romain.

ha. He clearly makes the silly blue hats looks better than I.


I was actually sweating, trying not to let pee out while laying on the table. My bladder was the fullest I think i have ever had it. It was TOO much water for my body. I think at one point I may have had even a tiny bit leak out. Thats how full I was. Add in a nurse PUSHING on my stomach with the ultrasound wand, and the vagina clamp we all HATE so much prying my insides WIDE open so the Doc can see where he is going.


I was breathing like i was in early labour. I nearly told them to get out of my insides, it became that painful. What was to be a 2 minute process, seemed like 10.

But Courtney, thats not really a long time….

Yea again ,let me remind you : Maxed out bladder. ( they even commented on how big it was on the screen. awesome.) ultrasound PUSHING not sitting.. PUSHING on me, and clamp of hell with a doc digging around in there….. legit…i felt it near my back.

Sooo.. in reality, in Transfer world, 10 minutes is FOREVER. K? FOREVER.

Now I have never met the Doctor who was doing the procedure.

He came in on a scooter guys! The entrance through the door was amazing. I laughed.. and then stopped. I would have peed.

He had an injury, it was his last day with his little knee scooter.

He also just jumps right in, then peeks out and introduces himself. I am so glad my IPS case worker, Romain was there to capture this PRICELESS photo. Handshake, with my lady bits in his face. AH-MAZING.

It’s the little things that make a great transfer. This was one of those moments.


Below Is the actual Transfer video. Video credit from my phone goes to my Travel companion.

I am posting this because no names are said, or seen. Excluding mine on the screen. Because, well…. its my insides. lol If you watch you can see a line slowly show … that’s the tube thingy they use( do you like my medical terms?! yeah you do. ) Then a little white spec is left. THAT’S The em-baby! Say HI to the Em-baby! LOL

Pretty cool eh? You just watched me get pregnant. We are THERE now in our blog relationship. 🙂 You are welcome.

You can send flowers and chocolates . LOL

so, now … the nurse hands me a bed pan to pee in. While laying down.

I. Can’t. Pee. I have to focus on peeing. It took me a good 3-5 minutes to let the tiniest of tinkled out in the pan. I think i was holding it for so long, so tightly, and then scared i would pee all over the bed…. I just could not do it. The nurse left the room to give me some privacy to try to pee. LOL

I was not allowed up for, i think 15 min or so. I had a timer on my bed. I peed in 2 bed pans. Then when i was allowed up . I peeed in the toilet. lol SLOWEST PEE EVER. I had no control over my own bladder. It was on its own terms. Ha

Here is what Em-Baby looks like! If this pregnancy is viable and transfer was successful… this will be babies FIRST photo. So crazy. lol


5 day old embryo

So now I am NOT on bed rest. I am on house arrest as the Doctor called it.

Which means I AM allowed to walk around. lol 15 min up. 45 min down.

So you can move from place to place in 15 min in Vegas. It’s not busy in January. It was cold. lol Sure it was 11 degrees, but 11 degrees in Vegas with winds, was not lovely. People were in jackets, hats, mittens, boots. No shorts were worn. Pools were closed down in most hotels. ( unless you are at the Bellagio and are fancy fancy…… but no one was in the pool. it was just there to look at. lol )

It was so chilly, Vegas had street heaters.

Last time i went they were blowing water mist at you. This time, heat. Ps. I was shivering in this photo. I did not bring my heavy sweater out with me. I even bought a pull over sweater to keep me warm.



This was the big flamingo at the hotel I stayed at. The flamingo hotel & Casino.

Have I told you how much i LOVE flamingos?! I do. So when Finance booked me this hotel, I was a weeeee bit excited. I seen the flamingos last time, but I can never get enough of them. So what do you do when you wake up in Vegas? You go visit the flamingos. It was right by our elevator. SO FRIGGIN AWESOME.



the latest I stayed up was 9:30pm.

by about 6pm we were in bed watching tv.

This is what hotel rest looks like and my view. It was ok. 🙂 I mean.. there WAS mountains.

Here is some of the touring around I squeezed in while there. I had time to tour the mall again there the day I was leaving. I had 13 hours to kill. Yes … it was so chilly i wore my hat. lol 99% of this trip, i already did Last time I went. So it was just a re-do trip with a lot more drinking hot drinks and lying around. I seen everything last time. But You still take photos, because YOU are THERE.

The only thing I did not see, was a free show they put on while we were eating one day.

Next time I go to Vegas, I wanna rent a car. See the Sign, the canyon, maybe have a few drinks… clearly this will be in a few years. Just do 3 days there. I will drag my husband with me.

The show girls are … EVERYWHERE. walk 2 min and you are faced with new ones. lol

The mall is beautiful. At Caesars palace. Its massive. And the Bellagio had the Year of the Pig display on. It was a lovely little sight . And the free water fall show at the Belagio is always a must. It’s so captivating. Every 15 min they put on a new show, to a new song. You can sit there FOREVER and just watch. Its breath-taking. There is so much FREE to do in Vegas.

I would like it noted. I am NOT the one singing in this. lol

The first day we arrived , we hit up the M&M shop and Coca Cola shop on the strip. ( I had done this last time too, But this time I paid a few bucks for photos )




This guy was hella fun. He bit your head. and pawed your shoulder. lol His face is priceless. I have never seen a guy in costume be so animated. It was Amazing.

Well, Today as I type this, I am not even 4 days transfer. I am actually 4 days post transfer as of almost 6 pm my time. lol I transferred Monday at around 3 pm -ish Vegas time ( 6 pm my time) Maybe a little prior by the time it was planted. So testing is weird. Do i count today as day 4? do i count as tomorrow as day 4? the time change is messing with my need to pee on sticks prior to Mondays first blood test , to test BETA results.

Of course, lifelabs will take 24 hours to get me results so I have to wait till Tuesday morning to see what my first numbers are sitting at. IF I am preggo.
So , send me a million sticky vibes, good number vibes, even pee test line vibes. lol

Don’t forget to follow me on IG ! find me at just_the_stork_

I will update you with whatever news is to follow later next week! Again… All the good vibes! 😀

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