BETAS… and some more BETAS

So since I have pee’d on all the sticks. I had to go for blood work.  I have been holding off on this update till we got the 3rd set of BETAS in. Its the most ‘for sure’ we get till a ultrasound.

3 times. 

Because, When with VEGAS, leave nothing unaccounted for. HA ( seriously, I was used to a much more relaxed clinic with journey 1. lol)


So we Went at day 6.5 DPT. (Days Post Transfer)

then again at 9.5 DPT

Then AGAIN at 13.5 DPT

I say .5 because in Vegas I had my transfer mid afternoon. Which was like 5 pm my time. So when I do blood work, it’s literally 12 hours + off from my transfer time. So I am technically a half a day behind when blood is done. AM the only one who does that?! lol It would have been around 5:30ish pm my time of Transfer.


Have you seen a med-bump before?

Its like the belly bump you get before an actually baby bump. HA

Its pretty serious this time. Im a little on the smaller size of life, so it hits me rather fast.



Anyways… My 6.5 DPT BETAS were 75

9.5 DPT was 340

Then I had my 13.5 DPT BETAs. Usually I wake up the next day to my results on-line.

Only half of my results were posted. Ah….. WTF. No… this is not supposed to happen. I was having a mini freak out, because Friday night prior, I had some really intense cramping, and it kinda freaked me out. WIth IVF , cramping can be good. Sometimes.. not so much. I never experienced ANY cramping with journey 1. I just .. was tired. ALLL the damn time. Like i could nap 3 times a day and it still was not enough to get me through the first trimester. But no cramps, no spotting, no illness.

So the cramps, were, and still are.. not welcomed. lol

But im also told its my uterus stretching, It has to make room. So I guess i will allow some of it.

anyways, Fast forward to mid afternoon, the day after my blood was drawn. I have no checked Lifelabs results, online, only a million times by now. I even called them.


” well they are still showing pending on my end, so they must still be testing” She says on the phone.

My other results were posted at 1am. So it’s now 2pm the next day and im like … BUT WHY!!!!! 

So by 5 pm, I’m like .. they are clearly not coming. I guess we wait till morning, and I call back for them to check into it.

Then, 6 pm rolls around.. I am at the mall, eating dinner with my son and im waiting for him to finish his sub( with all the gross olives)

I log in, again, for the millionth time now.


I went from 340 to 2157! geesh.

So, as of right now, i AM pregnant.

But of course , we have an ultrasound to confimr implantation on Monday ( What? yea i know .. weird. ) Then ANOTHER in a little over a week to hopefully get that heartbeat we are looking for. THEN in March, as long as we safely pass the first 2 ultrasounds, we go for a another one mid March.

I know, that is ALOT of ultrsounds.


As of TODAY, according to the IVF online tracker, i AM 5 weeks pregnant today.

Still very new, but very cool, I mean , you are 2.5 weeks pregnant at time of transfer. CRAZY!

So , I have some very eager people waiting on my “bump” photos I do every week.

I try not to make then just a bump in the mirror. I try to make it according to how im feeling, what I am experience the week of the bump. I started it last journey, to bring some humour to the dads waiting. Thought it would get a good little giggle. And then it just continued into .. every week.

So what started last week, I can not fit into 90% of my pants because everything I own is.. fitted and size small. I mean, sure SOME of my leggings are Medium but i have about 4 i can wear, and still are now leaving marks on my belly, and upsetting my belly if i am in them too long.


So that is my update! It’s a pretty exciting one right now!

Now, fingers crossed for us, that things keep going good, this lil em-baby wants to stick and make themselves at home and stay with me for the long haul till its time to meet their Daddies 🙂 We will take all the positive vibes you got!

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