Ultrasound 1 of 3

That’s right. I have 3 ultrasounds I have to get through from now till March …. sometime… in the middle… the day is drawing a blank… Listen, I am pregnant. Get off my back already! HA

Too soon to claim #BabyBrain ? Meh.

Anyways, The first one is the proof, that there is indeed, an embryo growing inside me.

Implantation proof. Just incase the Blood-work was just teasing us.

Can I just say how much I love the place that I go to?! Like the lady is amazing. She is chatty, friendly, gets excited FOR YOU. She was excited to see me come in and she goes ” Oh im so excited for you , and to see you are pregnant!” 

She asks me if I want my phone to take photos and videos. That’s right. You read that correct. BE ENVIOUS!!!!! Muahuahuahuah. 

She let me see the whole process the second the wand went on my belly. ….. and inside.

She showed me the sac, The baby, told me to hold my breath because she detected the heartbeat. Ps at 5 weeks 5 days we got a 102 BPM. WHOOHAW! Thats right you little spec, you show the world how strong you are!  Now I had to hold my breath to hear it, but it was there! And then she showed me it beating. Its so weird seeing something Be a dot, with a heartbeat! But i was grateful. She even told me how big it was measuring, and printed me not 1, not 2 but 4 photos!  I never want another tech again. Only her.

Hopefully she is there when I go back next Wednesday. Because next Wednesday is the actual fetal heartbeat ultrasound. So as long as this little spec keeps growing, I hope i can steal some videos of the heart beat for Daddies. I know how much they would love to hear it and see it! ❤


That little white spot is the baby. Legit a spec. I feel like we should name it.  I will have to think of something.  Last Journey, Baby Acorn got her name easily. It just stuck. And became her way of definition. Now I call her Baby M . ❤  ( ps. have I told you her and her Daddies are visiting this June?! Yeah excited much?! I think so! )

So the nurse from Vegas confirmed everything the tech said. So Yuppers, my eggo ( not really ) is Preggo.

And….. Keep eating pills and stabbing yourself in the ass nightly. WEeeeeeeEEeeeeee. Eeee.e.



So Today I am officially 6 weeks.  Man, That seems like NOTHING. lol But every week is an accomplishment when IVF is involved! So, another week down! WOOT!

So you know what that means… Weekly bump update, that is still really a med-bump , till I hit 12 weeks and can officially call it a bump pic .. pic. 



Things you need to know :

  1. I can not nap enough to save my life. I nap in the day. I go to bed by 9pm. I am still a hot mess in the morning.
  2.  I would like to say pregnancy is to blame, but its pregnancy AND meds. Its like getting hit at both ends. It sucks. It’s like a double whammie.
  3. I do not have pregnancy glow. I have ‘STFU -matted rat-nest hair, my skin is clammy glow.  Its hot. 
  4. I still give off this intense scent. There are no words. This is all med related. It’s so gross. My pee stinks like … it made out with a medical laboratory and was swished around in a garbage cans mouth and spin out.      You are welcome. 
  5. I don’t want to eat meals. But then I do. But then I don’t want to cook. But I just want the food NOW, but it wont be ready NOW and then I get hangry and now I am cranky and yelling. Ugh hormones.

…. I mean, pregnancy is beautiful, and rainbows follow me ,and im glowing like a movie star.    Not buying it? I didn’t think so.

You know I write these things, Then I think how insane my clients must think I am when they read my updates, Or other surrogates… Who talks about these things?! Me. I do. The world needs to know.

Do you wanna know HOW excited The Dad’s are?! So excited 1 has 7…. 7 pregnancy apps on his phone! He ain’t missing out on ANY information. BHAHAHA I love it. 


20190213_1330574676334966785786570.jpgPs. how sweet is that stork card?!

A pregnancy is something to celebrate.

So to all my peeps reading this who are pregnant.

I am SO FREAKIN’ excited for you! ❤ Pregnancy is not easy. It is a rollercoaster of emotions! To know you have people who care, makes it that much more easier to wanna share the good , the bad and the ugly with. ( like weird smells….. )

I am so thankful for the handful of people who reach out to me, get excited for me and my surro sisters. DAMN are they supportive! Its like having a pocket full of cheer just ready to explode like glitter when ever you need it. They are also there for you when you just need to let the emotions and feelings out in one big pile of verbal diarrhea.  I can not explain to you how amazing this group of ladies are.

Well, that is all for now. Thanks for popping in and reading. Thanks for sharing my blog and IG with your friends on social media ❤ It’s so appreciated! I love scrolling FB and seeing someone share my blog! and my IG ! It is exciting that people ACTUALLY wanna read my blubbering.

So on that note, This is how every night comes to a close for me.


Needle in the butt area, kinda. It’s like a little over from the hip, in a squshie spot, that goes into the muscle. But the best part is having a nurse at Vegas who drew circles on me, and where she drew them, it was life changing. Because I was going much more left and was ALWAYS sore!!!!! not this journey. NO PAIN BABY!!!! Now of course its a tiny bit tender if I touch it the next day, or my hubby slaps it… but other than that, no problem!

Only like .. 5-6 more weeks of these, every single night and then my body can take over and do its own thing 🙂


Like always, feel free to share my blog , or my IG @ just_the_stork 

Much love, Me.

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