So long Vegas

We made it.

Well, let me be more clear, : We made it to 10 weeks.

We received our final e-mail from Vegas.

Final Email

What? Did you just read the most amazing news ever?


Ah, OK! 

*insert happy dance here*

Guys, my butt is bruised. Which, sure is not a BIG deal. But i switched oils mid way, and the sesame oil needle is bigger than the other oil, and my little butt did not approve. At all.  I don’t have much cushion to begin with, ramming a thick needle is not the greatest thing, or feeling.


Man. I was hoping for that e-mail. HA It came 30 minutes before I had to inject.

THANK YOU very much!

So in other news, I have completely bailed on this whole blog thing the last month. My bad.

I got so stupidly ill. The occupational hazard of working daycare. 1 fever is all it takes to spread like the plague in a daycare setting. Now add in HOME daycare setting. EXPLOSION of GERMS.

1 kid. it only takes 1 runny nosed kid to cause complete craze to everyone.

I got hit. My kid was out of school for 5 days. My hubby got hit within hours of me. 2 adults, shaking, sweating, freezing, vomiting, coughing, ( remind you I am pregnant, that means no meds. ) I have never loved ipads and pancakes SO much in my life. My kid being 8.5 yrs old, and able to just .. survive. Seriously. Thank you IPADS and Easy food.

Not only did my family get taken down, one of my younger daycare kiddos got hit BAD. so bad, a hospital stay happened. And for damn near a week.


This virus took everyone as a prisoner.

So, add in 1 bad virus attack, Then our basement flooded, Then all day nausea hit me like a ton of bricks. FFS. Cause I needed THAT.  I just have not functioned like a human in a good 3 weeks. I do not remember much of the last 3 weeks, but sleeping on the couch and barely eating. I may have even lost 5 lbs in the whole process.

Anyways, What has been missed?

a few weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasound, a midwife apts…. the typical early stage of pregnancy stuff.


I managed to get this one in. But I will try again as of next week. The leaking basement has moved my photo space.

But I did order myself some self-care. The bump box. How cute!!! I am excited to see what this months brings. The wait is killing me. Those little preggie pops. Kinda helped! Till my midwife saved my life and gave me the pills. Oh those magic little pills. OMG i owe my life to those sweet little guys.



Naps. It’s a seriously thing. Some days I was up at 8 and in bed by 9pm.  Nap a few times on the weekend. Still felt like I was not existing.


And my napping buddy? My crazy anxiety filled dog Baxter. This dog does NOT snuggle. He does not like to be touched unless it’s on his time, and only by his ears. NEVER touch his butt. EVER. But he is all over me like a toddler with a … well anything sugar related.

He is my belly protector. ❤

So Little bean was dancing up a storm Wednesday March 13th. Waving, moving, it was SO crazy to see. When she turned the screen I blurted out OMG it looks like a baby! Look at it move!” I think I was still expecting a weird shaped bug looking thing. At 10 weeks, i was not expecting baby form.

I think this baby has been nicknamed “baby bean” for now.

The tech let me take a video of the heartbeat for the Dads. This is rare. To find a tech that understands what it means to be a surrogacy pregnancy and the parents live far away and miss every experience. She had a big heart. I will miss this lady.


So this is where we are at right now.

Closing in on the first trimester!

With that being said, I need to thank a few people.

Surrogacy is so different from from carrying your own child. When its your own child, So many people are excited for you, congratulating you, asking to see ultrasound photos, gushing over you.

Surrogacy pregnancy is not always like that. Or, well it’s not for me.

I do not need a pat on the back for doing this. EVER.  it’s not about that.

But for the small amount of people that honestly gets excited for me, called and text and wished me congratulations and to wish the parents the same.  ❤ To those who send me a message and ask me ” how are you doing, this journey is so different from the first!” Thank you.  It really does mean a lot.  Pregnancy is hard. It should not matter if its mine or not. Pregnancy is pregnancy. Especially when you can’t even function due to illness, or you husband leaves the country.  To have someone message and ask how I am feeling, really means the world to me. First trimesters can be a kick in the face. HA

So thank you. Pregnancy can feel isolating and damn hard at times. Add in jabbing hormones into your already exploding hormone induced body. FML. Watch out!

If you know someone who is pregnant, as a surrogate or with their own bundle. Do me a favor. Pick up your phone and ask them how THEY are doing and if they need anything.  They might just need a hug, or even a hot tea and friendly face. ❤

To my followers, thanks for even finding me interesting enough to follow, to share with your social media platforms, by sharing my blog, its bringing surrogacy into the light. Maybe changing someones feelings towards it, maybe pushing someone to make the choice to BE a surrogate and to change the lives of someone else! You never know.

So thank you.

And to my surro sisters. No matter how close or far away, I can always count on you.  To vent to, to share news with, to get ideas, suggestions, information. Some of you I will never meet in person, which is crazy to think! But I thank you.


95 needles. To get to 10 weeks ❤

My butt is very happy today. HA



As always, feel free to follow me on IG at just_the_stork or share this blog ❤

Much love, and till next time!


Just the stork ❤ 

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