It’s been a minute

So, We have officially left  trimester 1 in the past.

It was a good battle.

The sickness, the all day ” I am gonna puke” ( but never really …. puke) the exhaustion, the insomnia, the lack of desire to eat… anything, headaches, bloat, gas… I swear to gawd every known pregnancy symptom i was full on smacked with it.

I still think its pay back for the first journey going so smooth.

We are officially creeping into week 15.

I would like to say this has gone fast.. but that would be a full on FAT lie.

And what is with this crazy belly showing so FAST!

” OMG you look way further along” 

” WOW, are you sure you are only 13 weeks?” 

seriously. Way to make me feel like a whale people. It’s so appreciated.


My desire to do anything has been non existent. I have never been so beat down by growing a human before. I mean, my own son was a dink of a child to grow, but not to this extent lol.

Right now I am dealing with headaches, bloat, gas, belly pain, round ligament pain, insomnia is still in high gear. The other night, I was up … on the couch just rocking… my belly was so bloated with gas, i was wide awake.. it sucked. The only blessing was it was a weekend. Sadly this was not a one night occurence.. and it striked AGAIN.  So here i am, Monday , pounding headache, bloat, feeling like crap and so beyond exhausted. They should give you 9 months off to just … grow a human. we are in 2019. Pregnancy sometimes kicks your damn ass right to the curb.


Thou I did have a moment where I was forcing myself to work out. I took a step back after 2 weeks , the “omg I feel like shit” came rushing back. Fast.


This is how I envision my body , at 2 am.

Brain : “ah guys….. are you up? I was thinking about the birth……”

Baby : ‘ swoosh, kick, swoosh’ 

Belly : ” ah guys, I need to get this gas out. ” 

body : ” time to flip! the left hip is aching !” 

bladder : ” time to pee! ” 

Brain : ” OMG bladder. We JUST went 20 minutes ago!”

Bladder : ” Don’t yell at me. I will pee right now!” 

belly : ” gurgle” 

Brain : ” Belly are you ok?” 

Belly : ” There is no room for a baby when we are dealing with a gas baby” 

Body : ” time to flip! right hip is killing me!” 

Headache  :” ah.. brain… I miss you. I am coming to visit, cool?”

Brain : ” Ah headache, I told you NOT in the middle of the………”

Headache : ” Hi Brain. ” 

Bladder : ” Time to PEE! ” 

Body  :” omg we just got comfy …… ” 

Bum : “ POOF ” 

Nose ” ugh .gross” 

I could go on. I won’t. you get the picture. Every night… same thing. pee 5 times, headache, wide awake, body aches, and gas pains… FFS the gas pains. I feel like someone just pumped air in me and it can not escape.


So I am cranky. I am pregnant. I have not reached glowing skin stage yet. I am hoping soon though. For everyone sake.

So other than being completely miserable, I do not have much to report.



We have an ultrasound apt booked for Mid May and another midwife apt end of May.


I am also counting down the days till my lil Irish family come to visit ❤ I get to hang with Daddies and my God-daughter ( surro babe) in June! The excitement is real.  Looking forward to spending time with them, in Canada, in nice weather. Both times they have been here, its been cold, snowy…. So this will be a very nice change!


So watching shows last night. 911 and some other Doc show.  2 births. 2 deaths. well… 1.. the other just magically had her heart restart…..

but I have decided Baby is not coming via c-section Or my va jay jay. Baby is gonna stay put.  Frig, one lady was ‘geriatric’ * eye roll*  They call me a geriatric pregnancy. I am over a certain age. So I am OLD.  * grumbles* They need to find a new word. To not make women feel like they are 80 giving birth. Seriously.

Glam-egancy  ( you know, kinda how some Grandmothers get called Glamma’s…. )

I mean my uterus is just as shiny and sparkly as the 20 year olds. Just saying.

I dunno, a word needs to be created to empower us over 35 year olds. ( or whatever insane age they label you at )

Power to our uterus’ & vagina’s.  

Hit me up with some new words. I’m gonna force every doctor, midwife and care practitioner to call me by my new glam- name. HAHA. … I am serious.

Well, That is all I got for now.



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