You know you wanna know…

So here we are, 19 weeks in! Almost half way! WOOT WOOT

You know what that means…… yep.. you have to keep reading to find out the sex of the baby. #Sorry #notSorry 

This pregnancy has been, by far, one of the hardest things I have done yet.

Seriously. Growing a baby is hard enough on the body, the amount of changes you go through in under a year, is nothing short of a miracle, but also a pain in the ASS. 

Some nights, I wake up ( HAHAHA some nights. let me rephrase that)

On the occasional night, after I have woken up every hour to walk into walls, and somehow make my way to the bathroom, to pee for the 9th time, and somehow … land on the toilet….. other nights feeling like i could puke. For 0 reason. The wave of ” omg” sweeps over my insides. Then it leaves. Like it never happened. It’s the strangest thing.

My appetite came back. So that is a huge bonus. No huge cravings. I still love a good apple thou, almost daily. And twix bars. Yea those are my friends right now.

Timmies came out with a vanilla chia drink… it was SOO GOOD. Then they took it away as fast as it came out. So im a  little peeved over that. I have not been drinking tea since I had transfer. Which is insane for me. The odd sip here and there.. hoping my desire comes flooding back.. but nope. I drank a tea the other day, so maybe …. French vanilla goes down ok thou. And water. OMG water.Give me all the water. I must drink double my weight in oz in water a day. COLD- ICE -WATER. mmmmmmmmmm……

Anyways, What is new.

Well we are down to less than a month that my lil surro family visits! So I am over the moon about that.  And I am planning on taking a trip to France for the very first time ever! So that’s just a weeeee bit exciting too!

At 16 weeks I was still feeling crappy. My skin is so dry and breaking out like im 13 again. It is terrible. ( it actually is STILL not great.) My hair is just dull and flat, I have no life.

That second trimester glow is the furthest thing from happening right now. Brutal. And don’t even get me started on shitting. Legit. I can. not. poop. Over share? don’t care.

I have drank prune juice, mixed crap in my drinks, watched my fiber intake, no movey-movey. Guys… i ate a plate of veggies and vomited HARD. It is like my food had nowhere to go, but out. BRUTAL. 


What? Sometimes I am short on ideas. . . .



Anyways, CFC sends out these bellytunes. So the Dad’s – to-be loaded up some music, and I just sometimes sit and drink a hot beverage and let baby listen to some tunes. I mean… I dunno if baby likes it, but it’s another language some of it , so I just wish baby bean well in enjoying it. Baby hears my music and voice all day .. lol


Then comes the time I try to take off the buds off my belly….

That is some sticky ass shit! layer of belly skin gone…. BYEEEEE 



So here we are. 19 weeks. I dribble all day long. My pelvic floor was on point after Baby M was born… I was working out daily, things were T I G H T.  But now? hahahahah.. hard nope. Sneeze = tinkle . Cough = tinkle. Get up = tinkle. I just basically tinkle all day long. Its now what I do.  I have come to terms with it.

So anyways, Ultra sound day was yesterday.

1 whole hour later. FML. Longest ultra sound I have ever had.

It was the ” have to measure every organ ” ultrasound.

Good news, The tech can not tell you everything , but I have noticed they are getting more vocal. So hey, baby has 2 eye holes, and stomach, and i seen legs, and feet, and arms and hands, and a head, and nose and lips oooo and even a kidney i think… Good stuff.

I will know the details at my midwife apt in 2 weeks.


So what is the first thing the tech says?

” do you wanna know the GENDER of the baby? “

Me. pause. “Nope. I’d love to know the sex thou! “

Yup. I am that annoying person. #sorryNotSorry 

So. This ultrasound of mine. This baby was so active, I was laying on my back, my side, my other side, Baby was flipping all over… Just did not wanna give up measurements.

Longest ultrasound ever.

I even emptied my bladder to try to move baby. This baby was not only closed legged… but also CROSSED. Baby was not about to give up the sex. Privacy i guess… But the way this pregnancy has been, I kinda snickers and was like ” this is almost typical ” Almost expected…. Why would this go as planned. lol Baby is DRAMA. lol

I am re-naming baby.

Baby Drama Bean. or Bean-Drama. 

This baby was SO stubborn , the tech legit almost gave up when …

” OMG” …. there. For 1 SECOND the legs opened and closed again. It happened THAT fast.

Baby was like .. ” FINE. ” Boop. “Thats all you get” MUHAHAHAHAHAHH

So , in reality we *think* we know the sex of the baby. But … ultrasound, can not be 100% with a 1 second glimpse. Ugh. Baby. I wish your dad’s to be all the luck in the world. You are really setting the tone here. lol

So now without any more wait….


Baby had 3 lines between her legs! I guess that mean’s….


So a little princess drama bean is baking in my belly.

Peeps, I legit thought … a Penis was growing in my belly. This pregnancy has been a jerk. I’m like … My own son was a hard ass pregnancy… this has GOT to be another boy. LOL


So. Dad’s are excited. Of course they are! It’s a baby! Spreading the news far and wide. ❤

So that is were were are at in the journey. I am hoping as time goes on, I feel that glow. But for now, I would like to just get some solid sleep.


Till next time, feel free to follow me over on IG

❤ court the stork.



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