Bump, tests & waiting

Summer is coming to an end. This saddens me.

I am not ready to give up long days, sunshine, heat and no real routine. September brings school routine, driving my kiddo to and from school, before 7 am, and hockey. Oh hockey. It sucks your weekends away for a good 6 months. We see no one from October – April. Our lives are sleep, eat, hockey . I will be happy to not be doing this pregnant. For the most part. HA 


So what has been going on in my life you ask?

Since I went for glucose test 1 at my midwives… my tests came back elevated. Of course they did. They always do. My body hates me and forces me to do the 2 hour one. Every. Single. TIme. Also note the low hemoglobin… always. My life. A walking iron deficient human.

No I do not crave paint chips.

Just… Ice chips.



So needless to say, I am stuck on those stupid little green iron pills every morning with a glass of OJ.  Ugh. I can’t poop on them. Ever.

Fun times.



So I had to clearly go for the 2 hour test.  The one where you show up at LifeLabs. You have to fast for 12 hours prior. Go, get blood drawn. Drink the orange drink. Wait an hour. Get more blood drawn. Go back sitting for another hour. Then get a final blood draw. All while sitting in these hard plastic chairs, your guts rumbling and screaming at you out of hunger watching people come, and go, come and go.

I felt awful all day. Just blah. Sugar rush much?! My body is not a fan of this test. I think next time I go for the 1 hour test, I will just fast and hope it helps. Avoid the whole 2 hour thing all together. Ps. im fine. I do not have gestational diabetes.

I think I last left you when I was 25 weeks….

So her are a few updates ….




So we went to this sweet little beach space that’s newish to us in our town. Its clean. Its lovely. Anyways… this bathing suit and the purple one above… yea, I have outgrown already. Medium maternity swim wear. Belly got too big. WTH.  

Also, I saved a turtle . This is important. You needed to know.

Love the wind-blown hair .




So anyways, I was being an over achiever and went for a hike. Up a cliff. At Bon Echo. If you are in Ontario, you likely have been. It’s a beautiful spot. It holds a very big meaning to my family. We lost a very young soul here, years ago. So my goal, was to find the little spot where family had left a little memorial, and find his cliff jumping spot.

Ps. the spot he so wildly jumped ( out of pure fun, because he was in his early 20s, loved life and was living his best life that day ) is breath-taking. The view is amazing. I just sat there. But lemme tell ya, getting up there, not easy. SO MANY STAIRS. oh WTH. I might have lost 2 pounds just climbing the stairs that day.  Clearly my kid was power walking up them like it was nothing. I was holding him back. My bad. HA

This was only some of the stairs. Come on ppl… it’s almost 2020.. where is my elevator?!


So, we did that. It was good for my soul. And my ass . HA


We learned at the last midwife apt that baby is transverse. Which in normal people talk, that means sideways. her head is sitting to the right, and her butt to the left. Across my belly, Enjoying life. This is not easy. Its kinda painful when she stretches and kicks the crap out of me a million times a day. She has not settled down one bit. She is go-go go all day and night.


This is her busy bumping around this week. at 31 weeks. This is ALL the time.


So, as long as she flips, and all is well, the goal is a VBAC. I do not want to have another C-section. Those suck coming back from. The healing process, getting up and down, the lack of ‘ zero stomach muscles’ is fun to experience. Since they cut through them. No biggie. Women need to get more credit for c-section births. Those are rough. Its major surgery. I think some ppl think it’s just a little cut and pull a human outta ya. It’s so much more. Like shit gets taken out of you and put back in! WTH #SuperHeros much?!

Anyways. Hopefully this little Drama bean finds her way head down sooner than later.

I look silly crawling around my house trying to get her to flip.

Now since I passed the 25 wk mark, CFC sends you a little milestone box.


Cute right?! Thats right. 2 PP pads. Ps. . . If you have never tried cloth pads. DO it. You lady bits will be thankful. It’s like a little cloud they get to cozy up to. Soft. kind. fun designs. They get to ride your granny panties in style! WEEeeeeEEEEe!! 

I also love the belly bind. I look forward to belly binding after birth. Get all the stuff back in place and tight!

It’s a sweet little box. And then makes you think about the birth. I have not. I just know the goal is VBAC. Whatever comes .. comes. Birthing tub, gas, numb my bottom half, I am going with the flow this go. No expectations. Just accept it how my body wants to go about it.

You do you uterus. I will support you.

Now come meet my addictions.

OH MY GOODNESS….. What could those be?!




So happy to have found this. Thanks to great friends who randomly bring you treats on game nights! OMG.

Then we do a random trip to IKEA. We stop by to see family. What is my cousin doing?.. why she is getting my kiddo and her kiddos snow cones.

WHAT. CRUSHED ICE?! ummmm yes I need one.

I ordered one-off Amazon, while she was making me a snow cone too. HA

She gets me. She was recently preggo too. Low iron likes to create ice cravings.

Just now, I will not break my teeth chewing it!!! #Winning


OMG just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Ps. My dogs love the bump. I kick off a little extra heat these days, so Winston here is loving it right now. As is Baxter.



So the goal was to get some maternity photos done. Before I swelled up in the summer heat. Before the water weight started to attach my face. Before whale stage began.

28 weeks was a good point for me. Little belly, face is not blown up.

Jillian Lorraine Photography    Check her out. I have used her 2 times now. I am in love with my session.  You can also follow her on IG too.

She is one of those photographers, who just shows up with a smile on her face, and makes you feel like you have been friends since high school. She is that lovely to be around.  It’s not easy to make pregnant women feel like they are sexy, stunning and beautiful. But she achieved it. And I am thankful. I just now have to find new reasons to book photos with her! Ha

I have been lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends and photographers over the years. They all have their own style, and I love them each for what they do. I love bouncing between them and giving my business to them.

Courtney Maternity 2-3mB97584161011.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-hpNbz584159929.jpgCourtney Maternity 2-rv5qz584161058.jpgCourtney Maternity 2-Vc53P584161035.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-2KW9d584160527.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-4Q94s584159335.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-KKDwR584158447.jpgCourtney Maternity 2-RYHsp584160938.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-ssy6w584159497.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-g2SFd584160591.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-gSQqt584159551.jpgCourtney Maternity 2-9pX5l584161276.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-rBzks584160699.jpgCourtneyMaternity 1-zW5kl584160671.jpg


The white dress and water images are my fav. Oh the dresses? yea both came from Amazon. #KeepingCostsLow HA


Since then , a few more weekly bump pics have happened …..


I have chosen to just let the belly out for the rest of the summer. It’s too hot to cover up. It’s as white as a ghost. It needs some colour. #NoCares

The sleepless nights are kicking in strong, the Charlie horses , I swear are around the corner. I have learned to just .. not stretch my legs. but this morning, i was 1 wrong move away from one attacking. Hot pack it was. My leg muscles was like ” do it… just over stretch just one mm……” NOT TODAY Charlie! NOT TODAY! 

Man they suck.

And my belly feels like it’s already started to do that .. hang thing. so I bought some K tape. They now have some that are easy to remove! So you know, your are not taking a layer of skin off , in the shower, in tears.

So I applied some today . Downfall.. not as much support as the regular K tape. I might need to go get the kind that makes me cry. I guess it’s a pick your battles kind of thing.

It’s crazy to think this journey is nearly over. Before I know it, the Dads will arrive and we will all be awaiting for the big day!

I have hired a birth photographer. And the Dads have hired the new-born photographer. Both, extremely special moments. The photos on both accounts will be cherished for life.

Well, I can’t say there is anything crazy exciting to report. But in the coming weeks, I am sure there will be some things. Likely another ultrasound to check out the placenta, and how fluid levels are nearing the end, if baby actually flips, .. oooo my next apt with the midwives is the q-tip apt. Yea you know what I mean. The one that goes up your pooper. ugh. I can’t remember if they do it, or I am supposed to reach around and attempt it myself. To be a fly on the wall that day! HA

“Courtney, why do you have a bruise on your head?”

….” I stuck a q-tip up my ass. Don’t ask” 

That’s exactly how that story will go, if I am expected to do it.

These are moments I have blocked out from every birth. I legit can not remember.

It will be an awkward ” yea. I am a hairy monster. Sorry” . #NotSorry

Or ” I have fallen and i can’t get up ” moment. ( or pulled a muscle. ) 

Either way, it’s not good.

Well, Till next time.

Thank’s for reading along. Following.

Catch me on IG for more updates. And feel free to share my blog if you are at all humoured.


Much love,

Court #JustTheStork



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