Home Stretch

Today I am 37 weeks. WHERE THE HELL has the time gone?!

I say that now, because, we are so close to the BIG day.

Yesterday was a fun day. Not only did it mark my 3 year wedding anniversary with my hubby, I also got to celebrate with sticking the Q-Tip up my ass.

Lucky me.

If you have no idea what I am talking about… let me tell you :

Group B streptococcus test. It is done by inserting a special Q-Tip into your lady bits then D R A G G I N G it along the trail to your BUTT and … BOOP.. into the bum it goes. Then they send it away to be tested. So I got to do that today. And yet, here I was thinking THEY do it.. no no… They have you this, and get you do the procedure on your own arse.

Do you have any idea how hard that was, with my sciatica kicking in?! Thanks for holding me up counter in the bathroom, because that was a rough go. Add in the gained weight, being front heavy and having to maneuver this Q-TIP from front to back. . .

Yea I dropped the lid.. what?! Then I looked at it.

awkward pause.


Well now I have to bend over and pick up the damn cap!

They also surprised me with more blood work. Testing out my awesome iron levels! #WatchMeFail I am the poster child to a Anemia.

Anyways…. I guess we will see what my numbers are at. I am not expecting anything shocking. But the next step will be iron transfusion. You know, so I don’t potentially bleed out if I end up with a C-Section. ( Thanks Midwife. I needed that thought process in my mind, this LATE into pregnancy. )

So anyways, the DADDIES arrive in LESS than 2 WEEKS!






Here is the last few weeks of the bump in grow mode.

I stepped on a scale yesterday. 152.3 lbs.

I have racked up a good 40 lbs. FML That is a lot. I know I have a little extra on my boobs, my ASS and in my belly that is not baby. I look forward to seeing what my after weight is. Then figuring out just how much I need to bust my ass to feel like myself again. Weeeeeeee.

So my dogs are obsessed with bump.

Or they think I now just walk around with a pillow designed just for them ……





That is until she kicks them off. This girlie likes her space in womb. Any form of pressure, she has none of it.

Now I also went to see what this little Drama bean looks like.

I went at 34 weeks, a bit late for this kind of ultrasound, but we still got to see her.




Yea. she smiled. It was pretty cool to see. And its on video.

So little miss has been pretty active since I started feeling her move.

This was here last week. Just rocking at life, making it known she has all the room required in my womb! She is a little dancing queen! Officially the most active baby I carried yet.

Its funny, FB gave me a look back video, 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my own son. To think ,… I thought he moved a lot… HAHAHAHA . NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

My almost 9 yr old son went to touch the belly last night, as she was bumping around, his hand came towards my belly, she jumped from one side to the other, he jumped backed and goes ” WHOA! “ …. shocked. It was a little dramatic on her part, why she felt the need to go from the right side, to the left, so forcefully .. in that moment…. but that is true Drama Bean fashion. lol Needless to say, he did not go back for a attempt number 2. No need to touch the bump. Just watch the bump. lol

I actually feel smaller with this baby then I did with the last one. Though clothing has already started to become an issue. Its too late to buy, but the belly has started to drop… so shirts are not covering the bottom of the belly…. and its hell-a cool in the mornings here… so I am officially alternating between the same items.

I felt I should start that belly casting thing….

Just incase someone wanted to come early… I wanted to have this at least casted. The sanding and painting can happen anytime.

I did it by myself. I think I did pretty good. lol I made one hell of a mess in my kitchen, but … mission complete.



I also was looking for a charm that tied in this journey.

Last journey, when we were confirmed pregnant, the daddies were so sweet and send me a special little gift. The acorn necklace. Baby from Journey 1 was always named ” baby acorn” So since this little bean has been referred to as ” baby Drama Bean” I figured a coffee bean needed to be added. I found a sweet little ETSY store, they sell them in brown, I just glazed it over with some silver paint till I can find a actual coffee bean charm! But for now, this will do just fine 🙂


Swelling , peeing, sciatica, exhaustion.. is in full bloom. 3 weeks. 3 weeks till my due date.

Who knows how many days, weeks till she actually chooses to come. I just need her to hold off till Daddies arrive.

Today I will be off to the Chiro, as I am dragging my left leg around like its dead weight. The cramp and pinced nerve down my leg… needs to go this late in pregnancy. No need for it. Thankfully, my chiro lives just a few minutes down the road.

I can not believe this journey is almost over. Soon 2 parents will meet their little girl. Soon a couple will become a family. Soon a new journey will start for 2 Dad’s. An adventure I hope is full of love, life and awe. I hope to be able to watch this little grow up , like I have the privilege of watching Baby acorn. I am , still to this day, so grateful to be that little girls God- Mother. To have the relationship I do with her and her Daddies.

To think, Come December… she will be 2 years old!!

After this, I might be taking a step back from Surrogacy. I will be 38 shortly after Baby Drama Bean is born. I need some one on one time with my own body for a while. Re-discover who I am, what I want to do for me, and go from there. Either way, If one more journey is in my future, it will not be happening in the next year. I waited 13 months from Birth of Baby acorn to Transfer of Baby Drama Bean embryo. It was a good time span, and hopefully what my body needed. I was in no need to rush my own body healing process.

Daddies from Journey 1 are sitting on some frozen babies. ( haha) I am holding out to find out if they will be going forward in wanting a sibling. ( hopefully this birth goes smooth of course! ) And if they do, and I can carry Baby Acorn’s sibling, then that is where I will retire my surrogacy journey. If they choose, one and done ( which i also understand. I was a one and done too with my own kiddo lol) I will have to really think if a 3rd journey is something that is in the books for me nearing 40 yrs old. ( gawd that sounds SO OLD! )

If you have ever considered surrogacy, I highly encourage you to reach out.

This experience has been the most amazing thing in my life.

Sure pregnancy in itself can SUCK.

But lets be real: it does not take that much time out of our life. To give the gift of a life to someone who’s only wish, is to be a parent. It’s breath taking, what you can give to someone.

Well, I will leave you with that for now.

I am awaiting the Chiro apt, the midwife to call and 2 soon to be Daddies to arrive. I will keep you all updated as time goes on. Don’t forget to follow along on my IG for more updated photos! ❤

Much love,

Just the stork ❤

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