38 weeks

Yesterday marked 38 weeks!

I had the weekly check- up with the midwife Tuesday.


I am not 100% my 2 midwives are even on the same page at this point.

Midwife 1 : Lets do a sweep at 38 weeks, ultrasound at 39 and get this baby out before the due date. ( or very shortly after with it being IVF and attempted VBAC )

Midwife 2 : We don’t need to discuss induction till after 41 weeks. Books ultrasound ON my due date. no talk of sweep.


I am over here like … WTH is even going on.

Are we doing a sweep? I am not holding onto this baby till 41+ weeks people. I am also not here to push the boundaries of a IVF pregnancy and attempting a VBAC.

My body likes to have prolonged labours. I am talking .. days. And I already made it clear to them that, if my body is not going through this, at a timely manner, then we are jumping into a calm, maintained c-section. No emergency situations please. No need.

  1. My son was going the opposite direction at birth. by day 3 they broke my water, and then cut me and suctioned his little head out.
  2.  Surro journey 1  my water broke, we hit our limit of safe time to have my water break, contractions had begun but my body… was NOT dialting past i think 2-3 cm after 2 days. And her little heart rate was dropping, so c-section it was.

Those are long days in the hospital trying to get a baby out, with no energy left in the tank. I have ZERO expectations with this birth. If she wants to come fast, great, If it has to be c-section as its the safest way, great. Whatever is in the best interst for baby and myself, i am game.

We have an apt next week, as the Daddies will be local. I hope to question some things then, and get a clear path as to what I WANT so there is no added stress to the situation. I would feel better with an early ultrasound. Check the fluid out, the placenta, see how baby is. OH and of course she is still NOT in position yet. Little gal is head down but still laying sideways, which will cause some issues if she does not get to where she needs to be.

I have to look into some spinning baby stuff. So Once Dad’s arrive, I will be doing all the things to try to get this little girl where she needs be to, and to have some major wishful thinking of doing all the things that will put me in natural labour.

Send me all your MUST do things to get baby out!


In other news. She is no longer a baby but … an alien.

Feel free to watch that in HD.

37 weeks, she was doing this for over an hour.




I can not express how often this happens. She was doing this at 2 am last night for over an hour. I swear she is just having a legit Karate session… Like she is planning to fight someone when she makes her GRAND entrance into the world.  I have more videos on my IG. feel free to peek at them!


So my Iron score went from 92 – 97 . so NO iron infusion for me. I am to just keep eating that little green pill  and trying to eat iron rich foods till she arrives. I am still low on the score board, but super close to 100. I guess that is close enough for them.


I tried to paint my nails last night.

Don’t do it.

It was one of the hardest tasks. And the mess. Oh the mess. I had a lot of clean up to do on my toes.



So I have been fighting a cold for over a week. It was just a sore throat and congestion.. but yesterday I woke up feeling like a bag of smashed ……. you know how to finish that sentence.

I could barely keep my eyes open by 2:30 in the afternoon. They were on fire. watery. I was struggling at life. The coughing. OMG. It is so violent! and then the violent coughing turns into Braxton hicks cause my body is all like ” WHAT IS HAPPENING” and the baby is like ‘ COOL. its FIGHT TIME’ and starts going crazy.

I am allowed Sudafed , Tylenol ( what a joke) halls with out the chewy center. And that is all. Now I am an oil freak, so I have some oils diffusing, oils on me to help me breath, but getting 2-4 hours a sleep at night MAX is not helping. I AM DRAINED. 


I feel like I should not be expected, at 38 weeks , to do anything. Just finish growing this human, allowing her to get those last 2 weeks or chub on her cheeks.. and my job is done.

But toss a damn cold at me…. that’s just cruel at this stage. Especially for a human that is not even mine. Thanks germs. Thanks to whom ever was sick, that came near me and shared it. UGH.


Also, this was her last night. For a good 2 hours. Before I even GOT into bed this was going on. And may I add, a bit distracting while I was trying to watch my NEW FALL SHOWS! lol


Anyways, we are 38 weeks.

CFC/ Sacred Surrogacy send out these NEW birthing gowns in your 25 week box. Sadly , i got my box before these were released….. but, They sent me one anyways! ❤


So what do you do on a day off while still feeling like crap from a cold that is NEVER ENDING?


have a fashion show. HA babypics-26-09-2019-1145a.m..jpgbabypics-26-09-2019-1137a.m..jpg20190926_112051.jpgreceived_1226751407509882.jpeg20190926_112141.jpg20190926_112233.jpg20190926_112208.jpg


This dress is easy to undo, light weight, stylish and I am looking  forward to wearing it…. before I get into my depends and sports bra and not care about WHO see’s me. lol

The water weight has starting to show. IN MY FACE.  

The swelling. The low feeling of baby in the belly…. where sometimes, you catch yourself walking around, holding the bottom of your belly, because… the baby might just fall out.

I mean, we all know that won’t happen, but it sure as hell feels like it!

My kiddo has started hockey. That means those lovely benches I get to sit on. Do you have any idea how terrible those are ?! I leave so cramped up and swollen. AND … this weekend, he has 2 hours on the ice. Who is excited?! NOT THIS MOM! lol Seriously. Need to locate those funl little travel cushions people get. The serious sports watcher chair  things. I need to be THAT person.

I am slowly losing all energy. No sleep, the cold, it has finally caught up to me.

I am ready to just relax, let her grow, then let her exit. Time to get on to the next adventure! ( hold tight, I will tell you eventually if you keep reading after baby is home in her new life)

I also should take a moment and talk about how amazing my kid is, while I am pregnant.

I never have to ask him to open a car door or close it. He just… does it. He is just always there, ready to help me.  He even took my sandal off my foot last night, because it got stuck. Just… did it. Kids are funny, We can tell him a million times to put his shoes away, put your water bottle in the fridge, clean the sink after you brush your teeth and left blue crap all over it….it never sinks in…

but when it comes to the things that REALLY matter… my kid is just awesome. Some days he will just look at me and go

” Mom, do you want me to make you a tea? “

” do you need anything?” 

Its moments like that , I think… I must be doing something right in this parent world I am in.

He is always asking how big the baby is.

If I say ” ouch” he will stop what he is doing and ask me if I am ok. He is so AWARE of me being pregnant, ( excluding house work stuff lol) I am in awe of him.

How are your kids when you are pregnant?

Well, That is all for now. I really wanna go crush some ice and enjoy a snow cone.. and by snow cone.. I mean bowl of shaved ice. lol

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I am always posting new photos, videos and keeping you updated on where we are !

TICK TOCK everyone!

Thanks for reading, and following!

Much love, Court The Stork




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