40 weeks VS Me.

Well, here we are.

Today we are officially 40 weeks +1 day.

We had an ultrasound yesterday, on our due date. And a Midwife apt.

Can you believe that this little girl was not moving for the tech?!

So our update is this:

No baby.  I know shocking… we are given a due date, and here were are, still waiting. lol

I even had my midwife, Teri, do a cervix check.


Like, I remember the sweep being a bitch when I had  one for my own son. ( still tramatized from that) But a cervix check can’t be that BAD…….. Pffffffftttt! 

So first things first, you know , it’s nice to get the warning, ” ok so the gel is cold, and I’m touching your inner thigh…..” 

Next thing you know, she is 2 fingers deep, touching things that just …. should not be touched. It never feels good. It’s actually really painful. You bleed after. Anything that creates any kind of spotting in the form of blood…. not ok.

I guess my cervix… or uterus or something of my bits… is tilted… I dunno, it’s hard to pay attentin to someone who is , scratching around your insides.

So zero softening of the cervix. zero dialtion. Zero sweep performed. My parts are on LOCK DOWN. 



But hey, here I am at 39 weeks!


Anyways,  the other day while shopping with my kiddo, he got me right in the feels, in the middle of the damn store.

Kiddo : ” Mom, do you know people die from child birth?”

Me: ” Who told you that?”

Kiddo: ” It was on tv.”

Me: ” yea, but that’s just the movies….”


( I know this is not true, but we are 2 days out from my due date at  this point, there is ZERO need to worry my kid this close to me heading to a hospital! Sure , a lie, but I mean, 1. he caught me off guard, and 2. Not freaking my kid out and giving him a panic attack when labour starts .. we can have this talk when we are not in the middle of a damn store! )

Kiddo: ” It happens in real life too”

Me:  Awkward pause….. damn it… he’s got me.

” Is this what you are  worried about?!”

Kiddo: “……………..yea.”


well. Shit. Hold back the tears.


Me: “Everything will be ok Buddy.” Insert big hug.

Seriously. Way to make me feel all the feels…. like come on kid…. I’m hormonal enough!

My kiddo is my biggest supporter. He is the kindest soul when it comes to helping people, understanding the things I do to help people.. but when he had Big worries like this…. as a mother, you just never think certain things effect your kid. Or even faze them.  I kinda want him at the birth, as long as everything is ok, so he can how Amazing this whole thing is.

So the next day, I go to shower. Guys…. my Fitbit logged my shower, as exercise! 

Well….. Thank you very much… I feel like a fat cow now. * takes Fitbit off and throws it away* Have I become THAT lazy?! I had to weight myself at the midwives.


162.2 lbs,

*cries into pillow* I did not weight this much with Baby M.

This weight is gonna be HELL to get off. Who’s idea was it to get prego at 37?!

I am 8 days away from turning 38!!! ugh.

I am swelling up like a balloon. Even my whoo haaaa swells up when I sit down on the toilet. WTF is that about?! Does it think it’s practicing for labour or something?! Come on. *eye roll*


So I was told to eat dates everyday. I guess they help your cervix, and 2nd stage of labour or something ….

They look like cockroaches.


Look at it?!


Does THAT scream EAT ME to you?! Ah …. no.



I was also given the green light to pump.

So I have been. I have about 9 of these right now…. I do not pump more than 1-2 times a day. I am not ready for my nipples to fall off just yet from being cracked and destroyed with a pump. lol  But It is a good start to a stash for baby I think….


Once Baby goes home, I will be pumping for a little bit longer, to wean myself off the pump, not be engorged and donate to a baby in need. Besides, I hear its good for weight loss……

I am somehow still making my way through each day, with no sleep. Today, I told a fly to stop.

Legit. It was buzzing around my head, pissing me off… I told it to stop like it was gonna listen to me. WTH. 

With being home, I get bored.

So I got crafty and made some socks.



Made me laugh. But then again…. I am running on fumes.

So the last week, she has not gotten any quieter.

She is still rocking and rolling on the inside.


She is also still head down, but still laying to my right side of me. So still not fully into position yet.

So I guess we just wait and see when she wants to come, and my body wants to let her go.

I told the midwife, 41 weeks Is my limit. I understand 42 is cool for some, but Hell… it is not my baby.  I am looking forward to just …. healing, mentally preparing for the hormonal  shit show ride I will go through, and eventually my way back to my own life.

Being a surrogate is a huge blessing. A gift of a life time. But man, after the baby arrives, and the dust settles…. WOW.  Your ugly emotions come out to play havoc on your world sometimes. But , that’s a story for another day.



So once again. We are here. Waiting. The Daddies are eagerly waiting to have their daughter arrive, and I am just as eager to hand her over! My time is done! They can now have the sleepless nights! HA 

Things that are not true.

Pumping brings on labour

eating dates softens your cervix


We are waiting for when our next apt is. Maybe do another cervix check. Not that I am looking forward to that at all…….

So with that being said, I hope the next post brings amazing news of a new family starting their journey!

Don’t forget to follow my IG! And.. send me all the good soft cervix vibes. They are appreciated!


Much love,

Court , the Stork.







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