Dear Egg Donor

This post goes out to someone special.

Dear Egg Donor:

We do not know each other.

We never will meet.

Yet you had a impact on my life in a big way.

I do not know your name. Where you live. What you do for a living. I don’t know if you have children of your own, or if you are married.

Maybe you love singing in the shower and can recite word for word your favorite Friends quotes from TV ( I mean come on, who CAN’T ?! ) Maybe you enjoy sipping fancy coffee, with the sun in your hair by the ocean or maybe you have road rage and curse like a sailor when someone cuts you off. We are all human. It happens. 🙂

But what I do know,

Is that you are an amazing person.


You are the reason, a same sex couple was able to have a baby.

You donated your eggs.

You did that. You took the time out of your busy life and went for testing, blood work, medications, injections and then the big day of egg retrieval . I hear its no walk in the park. But you did it. For someone you will never know. You gave the biggest gift anyone can give. You gave the gift of life. I wish there was a bigger word than ” amazing” I can call you.

Egg donation fascinates me. You are donating a little piece of YOU. for someone else.

This is something I do not think I would be strong enough to do. Its nothing like surrogacy. I would be the crazy lady wanting to know if I had a little person with my genetics … just… walk around in the world. And the amazing part .. ANYWHERE in the world. Maybe Australia, maybe France, maybe Canada…. the list is ENDLESS.

You can not be anything less than amazing for doing that , for a stranger. For their happiness. For their dreams.

Surrogates get a lot of attention. We are visibly pregnant with someone else’s baby. Sure not everyone is on board, and to each their own. But we get to interact with the parents to be, go on this amazing journey with them ( or that’s the plan in most cases) we get to birth this little person, watch people BECOME parents in that very moment. And you are off, just living your life, no idea that TODAY, THIS VERY moment… created life.

For that. You are amazing.

We did this amazing thing together.

Yet we will never cross paths. Bump into each other. Even go for tea and gush over this beautiful life we helped create. Its crazy in a way. To think about that.

2 strangers, you and I helped create a child for a couple. And we don’t know each other.

I like to think, if I got to know who you are, we would forever be in contact. No matter how different our lives were, we would have this bond. That is crazy and wild and ….just… amazing. That we would meet one day for coffee, and you would tell me how your life ended you up at wanting to donate your eggs, and I would gush over how I fell into surrogacy and tell you all about my amazing experience I have had.

The waiter would come up to our table, and ask if we were out for a special occasion ..

“No, we are just catching up. She was the surrogate who carried my egg for a same sex couple who now live in another country. “

And then watch as the waiter tries to wrap their head around that sentence for a second.

Life is crazy and beautiful. What 2 strangers can accomplish together. Life amazes me.

I wonder if you know about the families you helped create. If you get notified that one of your eggs was successful and 1 baby was born via your donation.

I wonder how many times you have given such a selfish act. If you tell your friends, and share this amazing side of you to the world. Or if you silently do it.

You gave this gift with the ability to be anonyms. You are like a silent partner . You backed this project by your egg donation. lol Which is hilarious to think of it that way.

Egg donor, If you ever wondered about the life you created, I want you to know this:

You gave 2 people the biggest gift of their life. They gush over their little girl like no other. They loved her the second they seen her. They are in awe of her. Even I have love for this little girl, and she is not mine. She is beautiful. her eyes are beautiful. She is quiet. Curious. And so loved. She is going to live an amazing life, because of you.

I hope you wake with a smile everyday, knowing how much you changed not only their life, but mine as well. I hope you continue being this amazing person and smile back on this gift you gave. I hope when you have a bad day, you are reminded of how powerful you are and YOU can single handedly change the world. Because, you already have. I hope this life blesses you with all it has to offer, because you deserve it.

Much love, The Stork who carried part of your creation. ❤


Photo credit to : Lindsay Foster Photography

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Much love, Court the Stork. ❤

One comment

  1. Darlene · November 20, 2019

    I absolutely love reading your journeys…. your able to narrate what other surrogates would love to communicate. Thank you for being a sister and look forwarding to seeing you on another journey.


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