Things have settled

At 7 weeks I completed my milk supply.

I crushed out some milk for donation.

I donated some of my milk to a local mom Fostering a baby. It was not much, but better than nothing. I wanted to be done pumping this time , as quickly as possible. I did not want to fight with timings, pumps, sleepless nights ….I had enough of those. So this is where I stopped. Now my boobs are squishy again. 🙊

So of course, with decreasing your supply comes this crazed stage of ” I will do anything to make it stop ” hence me shoving cold packs in my bra.

Oh that ? No no….thsts not a boob leaking. No no. That’s a nipple cream stain. Ffs. On a few shirts. Oh fun….look my belly sits on the counter too. Just noticed that. That’s great . * eye roll *

So I have been crafting away. Getting my belly bowl finished and my wall of pride. That’s what I call it. I’m proud of the 2 journeys I completed. I want to share them. They are a big part of me now. Now I removed baby S’ full name. But it’s there. This is,my belly bowl. My little …not so little drama bean belly cast.

My wall is officially put together . I blacked out the names, but you still get the idea.

I have officially started to take care of myself. I joined a weight loss challenge for the month of January. So I am back pushing my BeachBody and eating WAY better then I was. I have more weight to shed after this pregnancy. I have never been the girl who walks out of the hospital in ‘pre-baby’ clothing.

Sure I am on the smaller side BEFORE pregnancy, that has nothing to do with after. I find people are shocked when I say ” I have 20lbs to shed” .

Seriously. That’s my pre-baby weight. I’m holding it all in my boobs, my back, my belly …ugh. my belly. Its SO WEIRD. Its… like… flabby. Like jiggles… I have never had that before ! A little fat and STRETCHED skin will do that I guess. You know…carrying around a bigger baby this time!

I have been told,or….humored that it will, eventually tighten up.

So what’s a girl to do?


What? Don’t you? Listen…I need all the help I can get. I’m…wishful.

Meet my morning & night time friend. PALMER.

I lather it on my belly, my ass, my boobs ! I would lather it on my big toe if I felt it needed help. I am being optimistic.

Because…. Bob and Earl ARE BACK.

You remember them from the first journey? Yea…. they are back to say hi again. So weird where fat sits. Like you wings on you back. Wtf is that about?! Furthest thing from Victoria styled wings I tell ya.

So here I am in my sweaty glory … I find the weight removing ….going slow.

Maybe it’s my age … maybe its winter and my body wants extra warmth HA!

I have been modifying..the modified core workouts. I’m not only smuggiling weight , I’m also taking longer to heal on the inside. So I wanna take things nice and slow and not ruin my body .

My scar is looking pretty good though!

I know this is a fear for alot of us. Especially if you never had a c-section. You are left with a mark forever. Hopefully you had a good doctor and a decent c-section that allowed for some time in stitching you back together.

4.5 days after … not bad right ? A little red, bruised…

Nov 24th. 1 month 1 wk post .

I had to lift my belly to see my incision in the mirror. Yep a few straggly hairs. It happens. 

11 wks PP

So I hope my scar does not look too scary to someone who has never had one or is about to for their first c-section. I’m still lifting up belly as this was my second …and well… c-section 2/ pregnancy 3 was not kind to my body. I’m curious how my body will go back together once I’m fully healed:)

If you are wondering about baby S….

She is doing amazing. Yes I get photos, videos and conversation with her daddies still ❤

I got to see their first christmas photo as a family, it’s super sweet by the way!

I get to watch videos of her chatting and kicking her very active feet …still HA. They are doing amazing. Loving life and finding their routine as a new family.

I hope to visit them in the near future and to do a visit to my first surro family too.

I’m grateful surrogacy has taken me on such a magical journey. A happy ending to both. And 2 families I get to watch grow.

For now, I will work on myself, and our new project as a family;)

Keep posted to find out what our next adventure is! ❤

Much love , Court the Stork ❤

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